Zhujia farming knowledge

Zhujia farming method:

Light and temperature: resistant to yin, not cold, like bright light, summer sunshade, winter sun, growth temperature 20~25 degrees.

Medium: Acidic sandy loam with strong water, loose, fertile or barren.

Watering: Hi-wet, not drought-tolerant, watering follows the principle of dampness and dampness, but it is not suitable to keep water in the basin. Watering is sufficient in the growing season, and water should be sprayed 1 or 2 times a day during high temperature summers and droughts.

Fertilization: A compound fertilizer with balanced nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is applied every 15 days during the growing season.

Trimming: When the branches are too long, they are short from 10 to 15 cm from the potting soil; when the leaves are yellow, the whole or half leaves are cut off.

Zhu Jiao's method of reproduction: more use of cuttings. Take the middle and upper branches with moderate length and short section, 15~18 cm, insert them into the matrix, keep the ambient temperature at 24~27 degrees, and root after one month.

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