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Abstract Congratulations on the official opening of the official website of Zhengzhou Winbond Tools Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Winbond Tools Co., Ltd. official website: please click here &nb
Congratulations on the official opening of Zhengzhou Huabang Tools Co., Ltd. official website.
Zhengzhou Huabang Tools Co., Ltd. official website: please click here
Zhengzhou Huabang Tools Co., Ltd., established in November 2004, is located in Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Henan Province. It is one of the domestic companies engaged in the development, production, scale, specialization and internationalization of diamond tools. The company has a world-class German Feather automatic laser welding production line complete equipment (good equipment performance, precise technology, the number of equipment in the country). The company cooperates closely with many research institutes such as Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute, Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou University Electromechanical Engineering College, Beijing Artificial Crystal Research Institute and many well-known scholars at home and abroad to provide the best cost performance in the country. The product lays a solid foundation. The company has the right to operate import and export of diamond products. It has been identified as the backbone enterprise of Henan superhard material industry base by the Torch Plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Since its establishment, the company has consistently absorbed the production technology of researching advanced diamond products at home and abroad, and constantly improved its product structure. At present, the company's product specifications and types cover related diamond products for different cutting objects and different uses. In the years of hard development, with high-quality professionals, scientific management, and top-level equipment, it has formed a foothold in the Central Plains. Go deep into the country and expand overseas strategic pattern!
The company's products are as follows: 1, diamond saw blade (80mm-2400mm) cold pressure / hot pressure / high frequency welding / laser welding, a variety of special-shaped saw blades, processing granite / marble / ceramic / glass / concrete (reinforced steel); Punching products, stone drill bits, glass drill bits, petroleum drill bits, processing objects such as granite/concrete (reinforced steel), etc.; glass products; 3. diamond grinding wheel, diameter 80mm-230mm; 4. diamond cutter head, mainly used for single-piece saws / group saw / row saw, etc. processing marble / granite and other stone / asphalt / concrete; 5, diamond bead wire saw; 6, diamond grinding disc, diameter 500mm-800mm.

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