Yunnan fire fighting equipment development can not be separated from three points

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In recent years, the Yunnan Provincial Fire Corps has always insisted on strengthening the construction of fire fighting equipment in an important position and closely focused on implementing the main line of the "Public Fire-fighting Force Equipment Development Plan for 2009-2011" in order to realize the actual equipment allocation and reserve module. Standardization of management, standardization of management, systemization of technical support, and professionalization of teams have focused on increasing input, optimizing equipment structure, and improving management efficiency. The strength of equipment construction has been significantly enhanced, providing powerful force for troops to respond to various types of disaster accidents effectively. Protection.

The first step is to strengthen measures and achieve new breakthroughs in firefighting equipment construction

The Yunnan Fire Brigade focused its efforts on the construction of special equipment and combat support capabilities, centralized procurement of equipment and optimization of equipment structure, and continued to promote new breakthroughs in equipment development. The team relied on the fire-fighting and rescue system of “one center and three cooperation zones”, and accumulated more than 90 million yuan of construction funds to build three combat and support teams for Kunming, Dali, and Honghe. The team initially formed Yizhong and Daixi. Weinan as the center of combat security system. A total of 48 vehicles are equipped with various types of protection vehicles, and 16036 pieces (sets) of equipment, supplies and materials of all kinds are stocked. Relying on social cooperation units, 15100 pieces (sets) are stocked, and 58 tons of extinguishing agents are used. Successfully involved in the disposal of the Dehong River's “3-10” earthquake and the disaster relief of the “8·18” debris flow in Gongshan of Nujiang and the collapse of No. 3 Tunnel of Baima Snow Mountain in Diqing have withstood the actual inspection. In accordance with the actual needs of fire fighting emergency rescue, equipped with targeted equipment, and constantly optimize the equipment structure. Kunming, Qujing, Honghe and other industrially developed detachments with heavier rescue missions are equipped with high-power water tank fire engines, multi-functional emergency fire fighting vehicles and other special vehicles; Zhaotong, Yuxi, Puxi, Dali, Chuxiong, Dehong, etc. The detachment in an earthquake-prone area is equipped with special equipment that meets the requirements of earthquake rescue. The types of fire-fighting vehicle equipment in the province are more complete, the grades have been greatly improved, the structure has been significantly optimized, and the ability of troops to extinguish the fire and fight evil has been significantly enhanced.

The second point is to improve the mechanism and upgrade the level of equipment management

The corps always regards the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism for equipment construction and upgrades the level of equipment management as a regular task, and has ensured the healthy development of equipment construction. Adhere to the construction of fire-fighting equipment as a government project. Every year, the provincial government is asked to incorporate equipment construction into the government's fire-fighting target responsibility. Regular assessments are conducted, and rewards and punishments are strictly implemented; adherence to equipment construction as a practical matter at the grass-roots level, 160 million yuan has been invested for eight consecutive years. Yuan is used to improve the strength of grass-roots equipment; it insists that business funds be used for equipment construction with a minimum standard of 30% and ensure that equipment funds are fully invested; and strives to incorporate equipment into the provincial government's “12th five-year development plan for fire protection work”. Invested 866.3 million yuan to strengthen the construction of fire equipment; establish and improve the protection mechanism for firefighting funds and fully initiated the revision of the local operating fee protection standards for firefighting forces. Carry out routine maintenance and phased maintenance of equipment and equipment and achieved good results. Last year alone, all levels of equipment management personnel organized a total of 178 technical inspections of equipment and equipment, and maintained 5,694 pieces (sets) of maintenance equipment, which improved the equipment management level of the province’s fire-fighting forces.

The third point is to seize the opportunity and implement the three-year plan smoothly.

According to the requirements of the "Public Fire-fighting Forces Equipment Development Plan for 2009-2011", the Yunnan Fire Corps has established a leading group for the equipment construction led by the head of the military and government of the Corps, and formulated the "Three-year Plan for the Construction and Development of Yunnan Public Security Fire Fighting Forces." Clarified the key tasks and advancement measures for equipment construction. The corps took advantage of favorable opportunities such as the construction of emergency rescue capabilities and promoted the joint investment of 336 million yuan at the provincial, state (city) and county (city, district) levels to strengthen equipment development. In 2011, the provincial government made a one-time investment of 170 million yuan to purchase 76 high-rated fire engines, 12 fire-fighting fire engines, 30 fire-fighting vehicles, and more than 50,000 pieces of equipment (sets). Construction leapfrog development. In the past three years, the province has invested a total of 815 million yuan in the construction of vehicle fire fighting equipment, purchased 457 types of fire fighting vehicles, and equipped more than 70,000 pieces of equipment (sets). The total number of combat vehicles has doubled, vortex sprayers and compressed air. A large number of new technology equipment and equipment such as foam cars and powerful arm-breaking vehicles are equipped with troops, and their combat effectiveness has been significantly improved. This article is organized by China Rescue Equipment ().

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