Windows installation problems must pay attention to four aspects when installing

Lonely in the autumn, I saw that the winter steps were near, and some of the questions about the windows were growing. Choosing good profiles, glass, and hardware does not mean that you can enjoy good insulation and sound insulation because you have to install it. Due to the uneven quality of service provided by merchants and the fact that some workers are not operating in a standard manner, owners at some key nodes need to be careful to avoid inadvertently affecting the quality of windows during use.

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At the time of installation, the industry pays special attention to the following aspects.

1. Is the window frame erected?

When the worker puts the window frame on the opening at the installation site, he should flatten the window frame, and measure the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines of the window frame with tools such as a ruler, a ruler, and a hammer to confirm that the frame is placed properly. The next step is fixed.

2. Do not tighten the bolt once

When installing, hit the expansion bolts or tabs around the windows. During this process, some workers like to fasten the fasteners such as the expansion bolts one by one. This will deform the already adjusted window frames. The correct approach is to tighten the expansion bolts symmetrically, but do not tighten them one at a time. This will ensure that the adjusted window frame will not deform evenly.

3, check the window security

After the window frame is connected to the window opening, check whether the window frame is installed again before installing the glass. If the windows are not installed properly, the performance of the windows will be affected.

4, inside and outside the sealant must play

For the already fixed windows, the next step is to fight styrofoam and sealant. Styrofoam is used to fill the gap between the window frame and the wall, it can not be exposed for a long time, otherwise it will become aging "crisp." So be sure to use sealant on the inside and outside of the window frame. The above points are due to some workers will ignore, the owner needs to stare and remind.

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