Which new drugs and old drugs are more effective? Be sure to pay attention to these points when using!

In production, the longer the planting time, the more the pests and diseases increase and the disease resistance is getting stronger. Many vegetable farmers mistakenly believe that the effect of the old pesticides in the past is not as good as before. Under this kind of thinking, they favor the new pesticides. There is a plus, listen to the business to promote new drugs, do not ask the pharmacological characteristics of the new drug, the price, blindly buy.

Is the effect of the new drug really as good as the business promotion? In fact, although the new pesticide has its own advantages, it is not a panacea, and it cannot completely replace the old drug. Because the new pesticides have just been put into production, the pests and diseases have not been resistant to them, and the dosage is small and the effect is good. Compared with the old pesticides, it has great advantages. For example, Yinfa Li has a good effect on downy mildew of cucumber, and Ami is very effective in controlling tomato leaf mold.

However, the new pesticides are highly targeted and specific. The pesticide fungicides do not kill insects, the pesticides are not sterilized, and the prevention and treatment of such diseases is not necessarily good for another type. This is general law and common sense, so Can not think that the new drug is omnipotent. As for some businesses to promote his new drug is omnipotent, there is no scientific reason for "soil worms and viruses".

From the point of view of new pesticides produced at home and abroad in recent years, they are all developed for one or several diseases or insect pests. It is impossible to have effects on many pests and diseases. Don't overly believe in new drugs, so-called diseases and insect pests. Pesticides with good effects are unlikely to occur.

If you really need to buy a new drug, you must first see if it is effective against which pests and diseases, and whether it is systemic. Because of the frequent use of systemic pesticides, pests and diseases are prone to resistance, making new drugs lose new advantages.

In addition, when purchasing a new drug, it is necessary to look at the active ingredient and the common name, and identify whether the pesticide is a new pesticide from the active ingredient, and do not be confused by the various packaging and novelty names, and mistake the old medicine that has been transformed into a new drug.

Of course, we do not exclude or deny new drugs. After all, the advent of new pesticides provides more choices for pest control, but it should not negate some old pesticides.

Because there are many old pesticides that are still very life-tested. For example, some contact agents, which do not produce significant resistance and are relatively inexpensive, should be fully utilized or used interchangeably with new pesticides. Such as the old drug chlorothalonil is a non-systemic fungicide , has a good control effect on a variety of fungal diseases; Fumei double can prevent a variety of soil and leaf diseases, is still widely used in soil disinfection and leaf protection Application.

The use of pesticides cannot be single

Some farmers' friends use pesticides, which often have the problem of “headaches, pains and pains”. When tomato has a late blight, it is sprayed with pulcipit or metalaxyl. When an early blight occurs, it sprays senomomanganese or anti-drug, and when a bacterial disease occurs, it sprays copper. The result is that it cures a disease and the last one. Ill, the calamus scooped up again, and the cure was not cured. The reason is that the single drug is not conducive to the comprehensive control of multiple diseases. The use of scientific and rational pesticides can expand the scope of use or treat several harmful organisms, and even increase the efficacy and reduce the side effects of pesticides such as drug resistance and phytotoxicity, which is efficient, labor-saving and time-saving. For example, Wang copper can be mixed with many fungicides and insecticides. Spraying 30% suspension agent 600 times solution and 70% thiophanate 800 times solution to control brown spot disease of vegetable bacterial leaf blight, anthracnose, bacterial angular spot disease, etc. The mixed "Garinong" is used to control tomato bacterial diseases and fungal diseases.

Eggplant can not be applied to mancozeb

The experienced vegetable growers know that if a pesticide containing mancozeb is sprayed on the eggplant, the leaves of the green oil will become dull, and the leaves in the middle and lower parts of the plant will become old and yellow, and some will be yellow. If used continuously for several times, it will cause serious defoliation. The reason is that the pesticide contains a large amount of manganese, and the eggplant is particularly sensitive to manganese. After spraying, the manganese element accumulates in the leaves, so that the manganese is excessive, the light leaves are yellow, and the heavy ones start from the top. . Anyone containing mancozeb has side effects in this area, such as anti-virus cockroach, quick kein, leidomir, ang Mn-Zn, Klu, Dasheng, Dasheng-M45, Xinwansheng, Shandesheng and so on. Therefore, once the yellow leaf phenomenon of eggplant is found, the first consideration is that it is caused by spraying mancozeb, and should be stopped immediately, and then solved with 6000 times of cytokinin mixed with 600 times of cytokinin. The use of fungicides on eggplant should be based on chlorothalonil. Because chlorothalonil is a nitrile fungicide, it is stable in alkali and acid, and has protective and preventive effects on various pathogenic bacteria. It can prevent early blight of eggplant, late blight, gray mold, spot blight, anthracnose. , cotton blight and other diseases. If mixed with DT or nail cream copper or alternately used, it can control various diseases of eggplant.

The concentration of azole-containing pesticides should not be too high

There are many fungicides containing azoles, among which the components of Fuqing are fluconazole, the components of Fuxing are flusilazole, the components of Shigao are oximeazole, and the components of Xiansheng are components of myclobutanil and diniconazole. The component of prozole and enemies is propiconazole. The instructions for these fungicides say how good the effects of controlling powdery mildew, leaf mold and rust are, but there is no side effect of excessive dosage. Therefore, when using this kind of pesticide, it must be used strictly according to the specified amount. Otherwise, if the concentration is too high, the top leaves of the plant will become smaller, thicker and shrink, and the most obvious is that the internode becomes shorter, such as on the cucumber. Special care should be taken when using it.

Spraying pesticides can not be mixed with foliar fertilizer

Because the composition of foliar fertilizer is more complicated, most of them are a mixture of large, medium and trace elements, and a few foliar fertilizers are also mixed with hormones and additives. The metal ions contained are mostly potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, and the like. When so many metal elements encounter alkaline pesticides, antibiotics or pesticides, they will react and have different degrees of turbid precipitation and stratification. Once the mixture of the fertilizer and fertilizer is sprayed onto the crop, the lighter causes the medicament to fail. In severe cases, the vegetable growth point shrinks, or the symptoms of excessive hormones sometimes cause crop poisoning.

In fact, some fungicides also have the function of foliar fertilizer. For example, azoxystrobin pesticides spray azoxystrobin 4-5 times during the whole growth period of the crop, which not only has excellent disease prevention effect, but also increases chlorophyll, leaves oil green bright and soft, and leaf function period is prolonged. It can be said that the use of such a bactericide for many times is better than the foliar fertilizer for spraying. The copper ion contained in the copper preparation is one of the trace elements required for crop growth, and is an active element involved in chlorophyll photosynthesis. The copper fertilizer is supplemented by spraying the copper preparation invisibly. There are many drugs for mancozeb, and after repeated use, crops are generally not deficient in manganese or zinc. Calcium and magnesium are the large amount of elements needed for crops. The water and soil in northern China are rich in content, which can generally meet the needs of crop growth. Sulfur and chlorine preparations are also common and can be replenished during the watering process without the need to deliberately replenish sulfur and chlorine. In short, it is not advisable to spray foliar fertilizer several times, and it is not harmful to spray the foliar fertilizer.

Non-propatile azole

Because paclobutrazol has a long residual period and is not easily decomposed, it will directly affect the growth of the sorghum vegetables. Taking eggplant as an example, planting in the soil containing paclobutrazol will directly affect the rooting and lowering of the eggplant roots, and the roots are not deep, and the roots are not strong. Under normal circumstances, eggplant colonization is the key period of root development. At this time, the expanded root system will become the backbone of the later root system. However, the application of paclobutrazol inhibited the elongation and expansion of roots. The distribution of roots in the early stage was small, which was unfavorable for the development of roots in the later stage. It was inevitable that the early stage vacancies had a good effect and the plants could not grow up in the later stage. The correct method should be that the effect of spraying the empty leaves on the foliar surface is better, the safety is higher, and after the harvest in the season, the paclobutrazol is not easy to affect the vegetables. In addition, even if foliar spray of paclobutrazol occurs, it can be relieved with 25-250 ml / kg of gibberellin solution, and it is difficult to remedy the soil.

Avermectin can not be applied

Abamectin is a highly effective, low-toxic, safe, insect-resistant insecticide with a strong killing effect on most nematodes, ectoparasites and other arthropods. Some vegetable farmers in the prevention and control of root-knot nematode disease, the drug is applied with water, the results naturally fail to prevent and control. We say that the application of avermectin at 1500-2500 times can only guarantee its effect. That is to say, it takes about 1 kg of avermectin to be applied to each side of the water with water, and the amount of water per acre is generally about 15-20 square meters, so that it takes 20 yuan to pour an acre of land. The avermectin of about jin can play a role, so such a large amount is impossible to achieve. It should be done by single-plant rooting, preferably with chitin, so that it can guarantee its concentration without causing waste.

Prevention and control of root diseases

For example, Phytophthora root rot is a typical root oomycete disease. If the method of foliar spray is used, the result is definitely the southern scorpion, but this phenomenon does exist in reality. In fact, the agents for controlling Phytophthora root rot are fungicides, and the fungicides are systemic and protective. The systemic fungicide is transported from the bottom to the top in the plant, that is, from the root of the plant to the top of the plant, the top bud and the leaves and leaves. The foliar spray, the agent only stays on the leaf, can not reach the root of the plant, and does not affect the root disease; the non-systemic fungicide does not enter the plant body, and can not be transported to the surrounding, not to Root disease plays a preventive role. Therefore, in order to solve the root disease, it is necessary to directly apply the agent to the affected part in order to receive good control effects. For the best control method for Phytophthora root rot, use 60% fluorine? Manganese zinc (gray) wettable powder 700 times solution or 30% carbaryl water agent 800 times solution, 3% moldy nail cream (Guangsu Ling) water agent 600 times liquid watering control.

Do not use rooting agent

As the saying goes, the root is the basis for the growth of vegetables, and the roots can be leafy. Although many vegetable farmers know this, they ignore the balance between roots and leaves, and use rooting agents as panacea and use rooting agents indiscriminately. Slow growth of seedlings, rooting of roots; prevention of root diseases, reduction of dead plants and rooting; roots of seedlings are thick green, stems are thick, growth is too slow, and rooting agents are added; as long as the growth of vegetables is found to be abnormal, rooting agents are injected. We say that the role of the rooting agent is to promote root growth and adjust the ratio of roots and leaves when the roots are weak. Therefore, when using the rooting agent, the leaves should be better and the roots should be weaker. When the water fertilizer absorbed by the roots is difficult to meet the needs of the leaves, such as the root injury or the length of the plants caused by watering in winter, the ratio of the roots to the leaves is optimal. .

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