Which is better for PTFE tubes and polyethylene tubes?

Which is better for PTFE tubes and polyethylene tubes?
Q: Which is better for Teflon tubing and Polythene tubing?

Answer: Teflon tubing is better than polyethylene:

1. Heat resistance. The polyethylene tube will be deformed at 150 ° C, while the PTFE can withstand 280 ° C, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 320 ° C.

2, corrosion resistance. Polyethylene pipes are not resistant to acids with oxidizing properties; polytetrafluoroethylene pipes are more resistant to corrosion than acid and alkali, and are resistant to oxidants and reducing agents.

3, flame retardant. The Teflon tube can be spotted and self-igniting; the Teflon tube is not easy to burn, it is difficult to point and it is extinguished when it leaves the fire, because it is flammable when the oxygen content is greater than 95%.

The only point is that the Teflon tube is much more expensive than the polyethylene tube.
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