What is the size of the square shower room?

With the shower room becoming more and more popular with consumers, the design of the shower room is more and more diversified. The shower room has a fan shape, a square shape, a square shape, and a diamond shape. The square shower room size is how much? Follow the small series together to learn about the dimensions of the square shower room.

The interior space of the square shower room is larger than other sizes with the same size and does not affect the normal bathing activities. It is convenient and clean.

What is the size of the square shower room?

The standard sizes of square shower cubicles are 800x1000mm, 900x900mm and 1000x1000mm. They can also be customized according to different sizes.

The price of the square shower room will be affected by the matching glass, aluminum, and chassis, and the price ranges from 600 to 3,000 yuan.

Need special attention :

Square shower room with sliding sliding door will be more space-saving, and flat open the door will be more impeding the placement of bathroom materials in the external space, we have to decide according to their own bathroom items with the display to open the door.

If you want to buy a shower room that is suitable for you and it is safe, it is recommended to buy it from the shower room brand and the quality is more assured.

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