What is the market price of home fingerprint password lock? Why is it so expensive?

It is now an era of science and technology. Many things have started to link up with the Internet, and many things have begun to become intelligent. The Internet has now grown to a very powerful era. Many things are beginning to be intelligent, and because of the rapid development of our society, the speed of information dissemination is very fast. In the past, many people only learned information from television, newspapers, and magazines, but now they can read outside information without leaving home.

Before everyone talked about the fingerprint code lock, everyone could not even have a basic concept, but now many residential projects in the country have begun to use a fingerprint code lock instead of the previous common lock. After many individuals have used fingerprint code locks in their homes, the situation has become different.

More and more people are beginning to know this high-tech new product, and fingerprint code locks are even more known when there are fingerprints locked by big-name stars such as Liu Yan and Li Chen.

But we found out. Many people who do not pay attention do not understand the fingerprint password lock, but only understand that there is such a concept. Just as our company’s business department went out to other cities to do promotional activities, many people were very interested and seemed to be very excited about our products, but often there was a situation that happened. Customers were very interested, very liked, and very excited. , But the price gave up the purchase, after we investigated it, because customers think that although we understand after we introduced, but as a new product of the customer's perception, the price of fingerprint password lock is still relatively expensive. . (When we hold an event, the price of a lock may drop to more than a thousand).

Many people think that our home's normal lock has been used for so long and it is quite accustomed to it. However, although this fingerprint password lock is smart and has many functions, I have not used it yet. How can we ensure that it can be used in the end? It. So expensive, if it is not imaginary and easy to use after buying it, it would be a waste.

Yes, many people give up because they think the price is too expensive. Do you understand what this product is?

The price of a home fingerprint password lock is expensive for the price of an ordinary lock, but its function is also several times that of an ordinary one. Mechanical locks are the only function that opens the door by the key, and the safety performance cannot be guaranteed very well. General mechanical mechanical unlocking can be successfully unlocked within one minute, and the fingerprint lock is much longer than 1 minute. According to the survey data of the public security department, many thieves generally use technical unlocking to complete within one minute. If there is no way to open within one minute, they will give up and change the target.

Many people also have doubts about whether or not the thief will look at my home after installing a fingerprint lock on my home. The answer is: No. General fingerprint code lock will sound an alarm when it encounters violence.

Therefore, the price of home-use fingerprint code locks is not without reason. If a product is expensive and quality is not so good, it will not go in the long run. The more functions of fingerprint lock on the market, the more expensive the price is, and the lesser the price is, the less the function can be selected. For example, only the functions of fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking and key unlocking are available.

After reading this article, do you understand about fingerprint password lock?

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