What is the function of smart door lock virtual password? how about it?

The purpose of the password is to protect what you want to protect. The phone has a password, the safe has a password, and the bank card has a password. But your password must be safe? Maybe you read the movie, you want to crack your password is also done in minutes, the easiest thing is that the thief can use the password panel to know your password is those numbers. So to say that the password is not very secure, what should we do?


How smart password lock security

First of all, we know that the password is fixed in advance and it will only change when the password is changed. The password also has the specified number of digits. The thief will know your password based on these characteristics. Especially now the password lock user.

1. Peeping: When you enter the password, the thief will not remember to remember the password. In order to open the code lock

2. The password has not been changed for a long time. The digitized keyboard will leave fingerprints of frequently-entered characters. The thief can guess based on these numbers.

Can not imagine how to avoid such unsafe settings? So smart lock manufacturers have made a virtual password this feature


What is a smart password?

The virtual password refers to the fact that when you enter the unlock password, in order to prevent being spied by others, you can add arbitrary garbled characters before and after entering the correct unlock password. Even if you see that you enter the unlock password, you cannot determine which one. The group is the correct password. It can effectively prevent people from peeping into the camera when entering the password.

For example, if your unlock password is 123456, you can enter 458245123456, 123456789123456, and 12546123456789456123 when you unlock it.

So there is no maximum limit virtual password? Yes, this depends on the length of the smart lock manufacturer to set the password, such as the maximum set password limit is 20, then the total number of virtual password and password The length cannot exceed 20 digits.

A smart door lock with a virtual bit password function is safer than a smart door lock without a virtual bit password. Therefore, a smart door lock with a virtual bit password function is more secure against leakage of the unlock password.

Now most of the products of each smart lock manufacturer have a virtual password function, so at this point we can safely pick!

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