What is the floor adhesive on the floor glue how to remove

Many people nowadays use wooden floors for their bedrooms or halls because it is milder in texture than floor tiles, gives us a comfortable touch, and matches well with a variety of styles. In the process of installing the floor, we often use floor glue, which can have a better decorative effect. However, when we use it, it is difficult for the floor glue to get on the floor. How do you clear the glue on the floor? What is floor glue ? Today, Xiao Bian came to talk with you about what is the knowledge about how to remove the floor glue and the floor glue on the floor. Let's learn about it together!

What is floor glue

1, PVC is its main substrate, after a series of processing after the formation of the floor, it can also be called PVC floor. In general, the market is sold in rolls or blocks. Its material is divided into soft and hard, and it is suitable for some sports venues, commercial public venues or homes. Although its price is relatively cheap, but we should choose a brand with good reputation, so that its quality will be better, not because some of the quality of PVC material will not release harmful gases, affecting air quality, Damage to people's health.

2. It has strong anti-pollution ability and corrosion resistance. It is relatively simple whether it is cleaning or maintenance. And it's a lot of sizes, we can choose according to their own preferences. It also has a certain degree of flexibility and good anti-slip properties. They will not cause any quality problems because of changes in the surrounding environment. Different patterns on the floor glue allow consumers to buy according to their own preference. However, be sure to stay away from the fire when installing.

How to remove the floor glue on the ground

1. For a small area, we can wipe it with some tissue alcohol and repeat it several times. It is best to use industrial alcohol, of course, medical alcohol is also possible, but the effect is not as good as industrial alcohol. Or we can also use acetone. The method is the same as that of alcohol. Acetone only needs some of them to clear the floor glue completely and the effect is better than that of alcohol.

2, with hand cream. For the printed labels on the surface, we can remove it directly with hand cream. We can squeeze some hand cream on top of it, and then slowly lick it with the thumb, and the remaining glue can be left in a short while. Squat down, but this method is more strenuous.

Xiao Bian's words: Although it is a glue, but in fact it is easy to clean up and simple, like the girls often use nail polish water can be used to remove the floor glue. The above is Xiaobian and everyone to explain what is the floor glue and floor glue on the ground how to clear the relevant knowledge, and hope to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content!

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