What factors need to be considered for bearing sealing?

Bearings are a kind of commonly used mechanical hardware products. Good bearings need to have excellent sealing performance during use. At present, the seals of bearings can be divided into two types: self-contained sealing and external sealing. Generally, the self-contained sealing is relatively simple. The cost is also relatively low, and the bearing and sealing performance device is a sealing device with various properties inside the installation end cap. If the sealing performance is better, then some factors need to be considered in the sealing process.

The factors that need to be considered for bearing sealing are:

1. Bearing lubricant and type (grease and lubricating oil);

2, the working environment of the bearing, the size of the occupied space;

3. Advantages of the support structure of the shaft, allowing angular deviation;

4. The circumferential speed of the sealing surface;

5, the working temperature of the bearing;

6. Manufacturing costs.

According to the working conditions of the bearing and the working environment, the sealing degree is often used in engineering design to achieve a better sealing effect.

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