What do you need to consider when joining a smart lock manufacturer?

When the intentional franchisee joins the smart lock manufacturer, it is necessary to inspect some basic information of the manufacturer. Only the manufacturer's production quality is guaranteed, and it is possible for the user to use the peace of mind; only after the manufacturer's after-sale protection is it possible that something is wrong. When someone can solve it in time, only the quality and after-sales protection of the manufacturer can make the user not be unable to open the door and be locked out. How does the intentional franchisee choose the smart lock manufacturer?

Intention to franchisee how to choose smart lock manufacturer

1, the degree of professionalism of the manufacturers

Under normal circumstances, a company that specializes in locks uses locks as its life. If he does not do well, he will die. He must do a good job of the quality of locks.

2, the history of the manufacturers

A company has been locked for a decade or two, and can still survive, and the bigger and bigger, his products will not be bad. This history refers to the history of doing locks. Do not choose the kind of midway to see profits and squeeze in a glass of water. These people can get away if they do something bad. Just like everybody thinks of IBM, DELL, and Lenovo when they talk about computers, because they are professional, large-scale, historic, and cumulative.


3, the scale of the manufacturers strength

Everyone says that they are of good quality, they are the most professional, and who do they believe? The large-scale, professionally-locked company can withstand wind and rain for decades. His products are market-tested and reliable.

4, manufacturers of product types

If a lock factory only has one or two locks, there are still only one or two paragraphs in two or three years. He should have no influence. A powerful company will often have dozens or even dozens of fingerprint locks, because the needs of different users may be different. In the course of ten years, he will have at least a dozen sets of fingerprints. Only a few lock companies tend to be younger.

5, manufacturers of after-sales service capabilities

If a manufacturer can establish its direct service system in the domestic capital cities, his after-sales service capacity will not be bad. The after-sales service mentioned here is not his dealer. The distributor is not good at mastering the core of the manufacturer. The manufacturer's after-sales service system plus his dealer service may provide you with the best after-sales service and retire 10,000 steps. His dealer may not do it in the next year. You may also find the manufacturer.

When looking at the smart lock manufacturers, pay attention to the above five points, basically able to understand the smart lock manufacturer's information, and create convenience for their own time.

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