What are the options for cabinets? Six steps for the selection of cabinets

Xiao Bian remembered that I had told you about the choices of cabinets and the selection of cabinets. However, because I did not explain how to select the specific cabinets, I was puzzled by some netizens. So Xiaobian said here today and everyone The method of selecting cabinets and the specific steps are for your reference.

Cabinet selection - brand

Cabinets entered China from the late 1980s and early 1990s. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, a huge industrial market has formed, and cabinet brands have mushroomed across the country. Products vary in quality.

The choice of cabinets - health and environmental protection

At present, the environmental protection signs of the cabinet industry are the green certification Chinese environmental label authorized by the State Environmental Protection Administration, also known as the “Ten-ring logo”. This is the highest standard of green environmental protection certification in China, and is also the highest authority environmental protection product issued by the government in China. Sign.

Industry experts pointed out that the E1 and E0 standards are based on the free formaldehyde content of wood-based panels. The production of cabinets is a systematic project. Plates are just a kind of substrate used in processing. Many factors will affect the environmental protection quality. For example, To use edge sealant, door panel paint, etc., formaldehyde is widely present in this raw material. The processing technology and the design level of the company will affect the environmental performance of the cabinet.

As far as environmental cabinets are concerned, the production of cabinets is a systematic project. In this process, many factors will affect its environmental quality. Plates are only one of the substrates used in the processing of cabinets. Therefore, E1 and E0 are not used. The plate cabinets meet the environmental standards. At the same time, the processing technology is also a factor that determines whether the cabinet is environmentally friendly. This puts high demands on cabinet companies and also requires more advanced production equipment and skilled workers as guarantees. This is not what ordinary small businesses can do.

The choice of cabinets - appearance

The design style of the cabinet should be consistent with the design style of the home, especially the style of the part that communicates with the dining room, living room, etc. Specifically, it is necessary to integrate with restaurants and living rooms in terms of colors, materials, and shapes. For example, if the overall family design is based on warm colors, the color of the overall kitchen should also be selected as warm colors; if the overall style is relaxed and lively, the style of the kitchen can also be relatively flexible. Lines and surfaces can also be more. Some changes. In addition, in the design of cabinets, we must also consider whether the cabinet needs additional decoration and personalized design, whether the space layout needs to be changed, according to the lighting conditions of the kitchen to decide whether to install the lamps, and if there are children at home need to consider the safety of cabinets Performance and so on.

Cabinet Selection - Style

The pastoral style of cabinets makes heavy use of solid wood panels and components, showing exquisite woodworking skills, making you feel like entering a country house. Fully showcasing leisure, respecting nature, and best satisfying people who value the family's warmth. The modern style of cabinets mostly uses fireproof panels or painted door panels, satisfying the needs of those who come and go in a hurry to spend too much time and care, and need to be bright is the biggest feature and charm. The classic style of the cabinet, a teak pull or a line from the teacher's detail reveals the persistence of quality, knead the respect for tradition and love of modern life. The avant-garde style of cabinets is mostly a combination of metal and glass, and strong contrast of colors. It is not simply the pursuit of fashion, but also a positive attitude to show the style of the self. The main feature of this style is the unconventional nature.

Cabinet selection - sheet quality

The door panels of the high-quality cabinets are straight, the gaps between the door panels are even, and the edges of the door panels are neat and clean, with no glue or other stains left over. To see the quality of the sheet, the edge should be delicate, smooth, feel good, vertical and horizontal, fine joints, uniform coating. Such products as Oupai and Hanli will use a straight edge banding machine to complete the processes of edge sealing, decapitation, trimming, chamfering, polishing, etc., and the pressure of the pressure-stamping edge is stable, and the electronically-opened material saw is input through the computer. Machining size, controlled by the computer to control the dimensional accuracy of the choice of materials, the stability of the equipment out of the board size accuracy is very high, the unit of tolerance in microns, and there is no edge collapse phenomenon, quality and stability.

However, the quality of the small factory plate in the workshop depends entirely on the master's craft and work status. The small factory uses a brush to apply glue, artificially presses and seals the edges, uses a wallpaper knife to trim the edges, and uses hand-polished chickens to polish. Due to the uneven pressure, many places are not firm, and in the future, the drums are easy to open and the glue is not environmentally friendly. Emit harmful gases. Small plants use small manual cutting saws, and even use woodworking saws to build a simple operation table. The board size produced by this kind of simple equipment is often larger than 1 mm, and often collapses and drawers occur. The track phenomenon, which is also an important part of the quality of the cabinet. Small plant due to holes and the size of the drawer board with the error, there will be drawer pull is not smooth or loose left and right conditions, whether the drawer is even to pay attention to the gap.

In addition, consumers must pay attention to the thickness of the plates when choosing cabinets. Currently on the market there are 16mm, 18mm and other thickness specifications of the plate, the thickness of the different costs are very different, only this one 18mm thick than the 16mm thick plate costs 7% higher. 18mm thick plate made of cabinets use The service life can be extended by more than double to ensure that the door panel does not deform and protect the countertop from cracking. When consumers look at the sample, they must carefully understand the composition of the material and be aware of it.

Cabinet selection - after-sales service

For any product, especially large products, after-sales service is very important. Consumers must ask questions such as product warranty when ordering cabinets. Some consumers do not pay attention to the warranty of the product. In fact, the warranty of the cabinet can explain the credibility of the brand to some extent, but there are also pitfalls. Warranty maintenance of the cabinet, in addition to the number of years of warranty, the service content is also different.

If a brand proposes "5 years of warranty," it means "free warranty for five years." In five years, regardless of product problems, after-sales service personnel will be free to solve the problem within 24 or 48 hours, and will be responsible for maintenance afterwards. . The warranty for another brand for five years refers to the free repair and replacement of hardware and other consumables within five years, and other lifelong maintenance such as cracking of cabinets. In addition, some brands will also set annual 3-4 months as service months and take the initiative to come to the old customers to clean and repair cabinets. While the service content of some small brands has shrunk dramatically, the “ten years of quality assurance” may not be a free warranty, and the area of ​​protection is also limited. What are the contents of the cabinet warranty? What items should be charged and what should not be charged? Consumers should pay attention.

Information on the selection of cabinets was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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