What are the advantages of kitchen smoke filters?

What are the advantages of kitchen smoke filters? With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, people are increasingly pursuing high-quality lives. Kitchen fumes are a great danger to people’s health and they pollute the environment. Therefore, kitchen soot filters have been sold in recent years. Always good. Then the question came, what are the advantages of the kitchen soot filter? The following Xiao Bian to introduce to you the advantages of kitchen smoke filters.

Advantage 1: Ensure that the kitchen is fluent and the filtration efficiency is high: When the wind speed is 1.2m/s, the pressure drop is only 2.1mmPa. Ensure the kitchen is healthy and in good working condition. Filter fume efficiency not only meets national standards. In addition, the filtration process is not affected by the composition and concentration of soot. Not only can it filter fumes and protect the health of you and your family, it is worth choosing.

Advantage 2: Safety and fire prevention and more convenient: Effectively block soot at the forefront, reduce the amount of oil in hoods and pipes by 95%, and effectively block the fire source at a high temperature of 786°C. And its small size, easy installation, easy maintenance, equipment installed in the position of the flame screen of the hood, convenient and beautiful, do not need to provide new space; no special requirements for cleaning. Take off in the kitchen snoring, placed in the ordinary degreasing Soak in the agent and remove it before work on the second day. Rinse with running water to restore it. Safe and easy to use, it is worth everyone to choose.

Advantage 3: Reduce costs and reduce troubles: There is no consumption of water and electricity during product operation, noise is not generated, and there is no trouble of replacing parts. Long-term use does not change. Installation and maintenance costs are very low. , Flue cleaning fee can save product purchase costs. The equipment is installed in the position of the hood flameproof net, which is convenient and beautiful, and does not need to provide new space. It is worth everyone to choose.

What are the advantages of the kitchen soot filter? I believe that after Xiaobian's introduction, we already have a certain understanding of this, of course, when buying, we must pay attention to the choice of the brand, a good brand can guarantee better results.

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