What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic panels

Perhaps many people are not very familiar with acrylic panels. It is indeed a chemical raw material with the shape of plates, pipes and particles. It is usually used in the production of light boxes. Today, the editor will introduce you to the relevant content of the acrylic board and the advantages and disadvantages of the acrylic board!

1. What is acrylic board

What is acrylic board ? In fact, it is a specially processed organic glass with pure colors and rich colors. It can be said that it is a replacement product of organic glass. The light box made of acrylic not only has good light transmission, but also is beautiful and flat. It can take into account the two effects of day and night, and the service life is also quite long. In addition, acrylic sheet can also be perfectly combined with aluminum-plastic panel profiles, advanced screen printing, etc. to meet all the needs of merchants. In general, acrylic sheet is The best form of outdoor advertising to improve the level of business stores and unify the corporate image.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic panels

1. The advantages of acrylic board

(1) Good plasticity: it can be easily processed into other special products, such as glass, partitions, bathtubs, etc.

(2) Good transparency: Because it is a colorless and transparent plexiglass sheet, the light transmittance reaches more than 92%, so it can give people a hazy and fuzzy visual beauty.

(3) Excellent weather resistance: The adaptability of the acrylic board is nothing to compare, especially the adaptability to the natural environment, even if it is exposed to the sun for a long time or the wind and the sun will not change its performance.

(4) Long life: Compared with other materials, its service life is the longest, and its impact resistance is 16 times that of ordinary glass.

2. Disadvantages of acrylic board

(1) Because of its relatively low hardness, ordinary acrylic boards are relatively low in heat resistance and elongation, and are prone to cracking, fragility, and deformation. When they are taken to make a bathtub, because the bottom of the bathtub The stretching is large, so it is easy to change the color. The more common is that there will be "whitening" and "yellowing" at the corner of the bottom of the bathtub.

2. Since acrylic sheet is an organic material, it will contain some substances that are harmful to our body. When using it, it is best not to make direct contact with the skin for a long time. This must be paid attention to.

Editor's summary: The above is the entire content that the editor shared about the acrylic board and the advantages and disadvantages of the acrylic board. Acrylic sheet can not be used together with other organic solvents, let alone contact with organic solvents, so in the process of transportation, its protective film or protective paper can not be scratched.

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