Waxy vegetable spray

Waxy vegetables refer to vegetables with a layer of white powdery wax on the surface of the leaves, such as cauliflower, cabbage, and green onions. In the prevention and control of pests and diseases, because the surface of the leaves has a layer of wax, the sprayed liquid is in the form of water droplets, which cannot be infiltrated into the interior of the plant and is lost, which does not achieve the desired control effect. The following measures can be taken for this:

Take 0.1% of the washing powder or soap, dissolve it thoroughly with warm water, and use it as an additive for the liquid. When the liquid is poured into the sprayer 1/3, add the additive, and then add a sufficient amount of water to spray.

It should be noted that some pesticides will reduce and lose control effects when mixed with washing powder, such as stone sulphur, zinc, thiophanate, and thiophene. The pesticides that must be used immediately after mixing are dimethoate, malathion, and the like.
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