Wall-mounted toilet shopping guide

The wall design can hide unsightly water pipes, tanks, etc., making the space exquisite and concise. Selected wall row toilets, from the appearance of ordinary toilets and wall-mounted toilets, the general choice of the majority of the latter customers.

What kind of family needs to choose a wall-mounted toilet?

1, Amy loves clean people - wall-mounted non-sanitary corners are easy to clean.

2. The bathroom area is small - wall-hanging type has a small footprint and more open space.

Even a small space can be placed freely

3, toilet needs to be displaced - shift more convenient, layout is not limited.

4. Sensitive to the sound of flushing - Because of the wall barrier, the noise is naturally weakened.

What should you watch out for when choosing a wall-mounted toilet?

1, sewage way

Floor row: The toilet's sewage outlet is on the ground, also called vertical row. Most of the houses are this type. If it is such a drainage method, you need to build a fake wall to place your wall toilet.

Wall row: It is the sewage outlet of the toilet on the wall, also called the side row. The modern new community has some of this type of drainage. This can be used to place the toilet directly on the wall. It is also possible to re-arrange the wall to arrange the toilet position as needed.

2. Whether the wall of the hanging toilet is bearing or non-load-bearing wall

Load-bearing wall: Generally, it is necessary to install another false wall and reserve an inlet pipe in the wall. Reserve the position of the toilet and reserve the drainage pipe.

Non-load-bearing wall: It is possible to open a hole directly in the wall, arrange the fixing frame, and the fixing frame is installed on the ground, and at the same time, reserve the inlet and outlet water pipes and accurately arrange the position of the toilet.

3, the pit distance

Distance from floor to floor: Usually we say that the distance between the center of the sewage outlet and the wall is measured before choosing the toilet, which refers to the pit distance of the floor toilet.

Wall pit distance: If you install a wall-mounted toilet, you must first measure the height of the center of the sewage outlet from the ground. This is the pit distance of the wall row.

Note: The thickness of the tiles must be taken into account when measuring. It is appropriate to measure the distance minus the thickness of the tiles by about 1-2 cm.

4, into the wall of water selection

Water tank materials, processes and internal water components are all the more important because the tank is hidden in the wall. Whether it is HDPE (high-density polyethylene, which can be simply understood as high-grade resin), whether it is a one-time blow molding, this directly determines the service life of the water tank. Inadequate water tanks can easily leak water, and the inlet valve and drain valve also need high quality verification, otherwise the hidden tank becomes a hidden trouble. The selection of concealed tanks must take into account whether the manufacturer is professional and has been verified by the public.

Note: Carefully select the concealed tank into the wall, do not let it become hidden trouble.

Select wall-to-wall toilet recommendations

If you choose a wall-mounted toilet, you must understand that "toilet" and "into the wall tank" need to be purchased separately. In general, relatively professional sanitary ware brands will produce wall-mounted toilets, and only Geberit, the most widely used in the industry, has the highest reputation in the industry. Many ceramics manufacturers are now mimicking the production of concealed water tanks and their quality is yet to be verified. Because the technical requirements of wall-mounted toilets are relatively high, if your home needs to use wall-mounted toilets, the best match is "Geberico tank + international brand wall-mounted toilets", followed by "Geberico tank + domestic well-known hanging "Wall toilet", the next plan is "other brand tank + small brand toilet."

5, the installation should be more standardized

The in-wall tanks need to be accurately installed, which is more standardized than normal toilet installations and should be strictly followed in accordance with the product's installation manual, and is preferably installed by professional technicians.

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