Ultrafine cemented carbide

Cemented carbide is a composite material in which Wc (tungsten carbide, high hardness brittle material) is mainly dispersed in Co (cobalt, low hardness and high toughness material), and is one of hard materials that combine hardness and bending strength. In the current material for cutting tools, a hard coating such as Al2O3 or (Ti, Al)N which can withstand high-speed cutting is applied to the above cemented carbide by CVD (Chemical Coating Method) PVD (Physical Coating Method). Alloy coating materials occupy a major location.
Factors such as Co content and Wc particle size determine the properties of the cemented carbide. The harder alloy with less Co content has higher hardness, compressive strength and rigidity, but the lower the impact resistance value; the smaller the Wc particle, the higher the hardness and bending strength of the cemented carbide, but the more the toughness value low.
Ultrafine cemented carbide is an alloy material developed to improve both hardness and bending strength. Compared with ordinary cemented carbides, it has high strength at the same hardness and high hardness at the same strength. The Wc particles of ordinary cemented carbide are about 1-6 μm (μ=10-6), and the Wc particles of ultrafine cemented carbide are about 0.6 μm. Because of the very small size, the thickness of Co component around the Wc particles acts as a bond. Thin, at the same time, the initial size of the fracture is small, so that the bending strength is high. Ultrafine cemented carbide was originally used in solid carbide tools such as small diameter drills and end mills, and has recently been used in indexable inserts. However, although ultrafine-particle cemented carbide exhibits excellent characteristics at low temperatures, it is prone to chronic deformation at high temperatures, and when used at high cutting speeds, plastic deformation and wear may occur. note.
However, with the rapid manufacturing of fine WC powder manufacturing technology of powder manufacturing companies and the micronization technology related to alloy manufacturing by cement manufacturers in recent years, WC ultrafine micro-hard alloys with a size of about 0.4 μm have also appeared on the market.  

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