Two key factors for successful e-commerce

Now many companies are using e-commerce. After the establishment of the station, no matter how perfect it is, if it is not promoted and it is promoted to increase its traffic, then this website can only be said to be self-viewing. The significance of existence is greatly diminished. How can it be promoted, how can we increase the number of visits to our website, and can attract the attention of customers, let him become a tomorrow's old customer from today's new customer? With the author's own experience, today from the internal factors and external factors to talk about this issue.

First, internal factors

First of all, there must be a web page with content, layout, planning, and design. If these things are used as the facade of your website, you must pay attention to whether the artwork design of the homepage is in place, whether the overall framework is reasonable, and whether the pictures used on the page are related to you. The content of the homepage matches, that is to say whether the overall match is coordinated. Maybe you apply the solution of Ming Wan IBM Happo Tongbao to build a station, or please be patient and see if the e-commerce has any effect, depending on your attitude.

Second, pay attention to the speed of the site. Stacking too much Falsh will affect the speed. Imagine a website that will open a page in a few minutes. Will there be several visitors willing to stay a second longer? Time is money, which is profit. Instead of waiting here for a page silly, people have already started to open several other sites. Obviously, you have lost a potential customer at this time, and of course you have lost a pageview that you would not have been able to get. Therefore, Wang Jing reminded everyone that when you choose free space, you must choose the fastest.

Also, use HTML language. Using html, add keywords related to the topic content of the homepage in the source file, which is also a good way to promote the homepage. When your keywords match the search terms used by the search engine, your URL becomes one of the search results. In this way, he does not click on the site where he does not click. Oh, choosing a good keyword is an important one.

Second, external factors

1. Continue to release business opportunities to all major websites to publish business opportunities, continue to continue to send on, so that more customers understand you and your products.

2. Go out and take the initiative to publicize

Create a signature, or text link, or make a picture of the website together with the relevant information on the website. When sending an email or walking a BBS, place it under the speech, which eliminates the suspicion of random advertisements and promotes advertising. Does it not serve two purposes?

3. Links

Increasing the number of visits through friendship links is also a good way to promote websites. Whether they are words or LOGO links, as long as the chain is reasonable, it will also bring a large amount of traffic. It should be noted that it is necessary to find some websites that have a large number of visits to do. It is better to ask the other party to display in a conspicuous position, and also to find links to websites that are related to or similar to the content of this website, which is more conducive to improving the rankings.

4. Exchange advertisements with other websites

This requires skill. When a viewer enters your site, it first creates a traffic for you. If he happens to be interested in the advertisement on your page, he will click, and this click will bring you another pageview. . In this way, your visit will naturally increase. In addition, placing ads can also increase the content of the home page, but also can play a role in beautification, which depends on how you use it.

Through the above introduction, I believe that now you are basically aware of it. Combining internal and external factors, your home page traffic will definitely increase. It should be reminded that the content of your website is constantly updated and constantly enriched. It is better to beautify it on a regular basis so as to continuously increase the number of visits on the basis of stable access. With regard to other factors, we need to constantly explore in practice. A good way to not forget to share it with everyone.

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