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Shanghai decoration company ranked all over the place, how to choose? This site Xiaobian recommend that you refer to the list of top ten Shanghai decoration company rankings , the top ten will not be worse where to go. In this issue, we will introduce the top ten companies in the Shanghai Renovation Company . If you have any decoration needs, you can choose one from them.

Top Ten Shanghai Decoration Company Rankings - Shanghai Wave Decoration

Shanghai Botao Decoration (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and was formally established in 2001. It was formerly known as Shanghai Botao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. With a registered capital of 40 million yuan; the company relies on top design standards, standard construction processes and high-quality project quality. Standing in the highly competitive Shanghai decoration and decoration industry, the company has more than 500 employees, including 123 engineering technicians and designers, 56 other management personnel, and 345 construction workers.

Top Ten Shanghai Decoration Company Rankings - Shanghai People's Decoration

In the entire service process, the company strictly complies with the management system standards. It has records in the selection of qualified suppliers for decoration materials, control of construction sites, inspection of processes, and after-services, etc., and achieves operability and control. The combination of sex and traceability, and to maintain sustainable development and continuous improvement. The company pioneered the business model of chain operation and centralized management, and implemented “five unifications” for the operating windows throughout the city: unified image, unified price, unified operation, unified management, and unified service. Scientific management is the decoration industry. We have taken the lead in standardization, internationalization, and standardization.


Top Ten Shanghai Renovation Company Rankings - Creative Space Design

Since the establishment of Space Creative Design, we have pursued a service concept of “Designing Values, Creating Creativity and Changing Life” for ten years. With the unique understanding and professional spirit of interior design, we have become unique in the industry and in the society where the market is continuously developing. Satisfying customers' pursuit of quality of life is the ultimate goal. All designers of One Space Space Creative Design graduated from professional design schools and academies of fine arts, and have a wealth of experience. No matter which design style you like, the designer of One Space's creative design can give you a satisfactory solution.

Top Ten Shanghai Decoration Company Rankings - Shenyuan Space Design

Shanghai Shenyuan Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company that provides villa owners with custom-designed overall renovation services. The company's Shenyuan villa decoration, life, a house and villa Seiko, Shenyuan precision equipment, actually decorated the overall soft installation, Shenyuan design research institutions five major Chinese influential top ten home design agencies. Mainly to undertake the design and decoration of domestic high-end villa space and home and garden integrated integration services;


Top Ten Shanghai Decoration Company Rankings - Commander Decoration

The Marshal Decoration has more than one hundred design elites with advanced design concepts, rich industry experience and superior service awareness. With their solid professional foundation, rich experience in life, and international experience for many years, they have created a unique design concept and have won numerous awards in the industry. This elite team has successfully served thousands of owners.


Top Ten Shanghai Decoration Company Rankings

Shanghai Jutong Decoration Group is an interior decoration and decoration design company established in 1994. It has double-grade construction qualifications in the design and construction of the state-level decoration, the best decoration company in Shanghai decoration company, and more than 20 years of experience in decoration design engineering. Its strength is also self-evident.

Shanghai Top Ten Decoration Company Rankings - Shanghai Hurricane Architectural Decoration

Shanghai Haofeng Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in interior design, construction, and soft loading of villas, offices, and home improvement. Design style, decoration, construction, quality, in order to meet the requirements of different levels and different styles of the owners. In years of renovation, it has created an excellent, superb and professional service team.

Top Ten Shanghai Renovation Companies Ranking - Gander Decoration

Founded in 1997, Gangde Decoration is a Grade-A qualification enterprise in the Shanghai decoration and decoration industry. In 2004, Chen Lijuan, the general manager of G&D Decoration, opened a “Chen Lijuan decoration hotline” with his own name. In the past 10 years, he has received over 300,000 renovation consultation calls. As the nation's first decoration public welfare hotline, the standard of the home improvement market has been played. Key advancement!

Top 10 Shanghai Renovation Companies Ranking - Long Xiang Space Design

Longxiang space design is based on the unique insights of Longxiang people on China's decoration concept and build an integrated service platform that spans products, cross-institutions, and cross-markets. Under Longxiang's "Unified Decoration" strategy, everything is used by customers. “Integrity, word of mouth, and word-of-mouth communication” are our beliefs that we have always been the same. “Thinking of what we have not thought about, creating a place we have not created” is our realm of ambition. The Longxiang decoration service system has covered three major areas of design, construction and materials. The "Cheap-Win" series of exclusive products has formed two series of "Environment-Service".

Top Ten Shanghai Decoration Company Rankings - Shanghai Purple Apple Decoration

Shanghai Purple Apple Decoration was founded in 2003. Its services cover everything from design, construction, purchasing of main materials, customization of furniture, soft decoration design, post-decoration accessories, to overall after-sales service, since the “Purple Apple Public Service Division”. Since its establishment in the public assembly field, it has achieved remarkable results year after year. It is China’s premier large-scale decorative enterprise that covers home decoration, soft decoration, and public decoration, and provides comprehensive home furnishing services and comprehensive commercial profitability solutions. The forefront of the national decoration industry.

Summary: Looked at the top ten rankings of Shanghai decoration companies, we have a preliminary understanding of these decoration companies, but which one to choose specific decoration company, we still have to go to the store for specific advice, and communicate with the designer every need and the corresponding In the end, I wish everyone can choose a satisfactory designer.

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