Thermal insulation board classification

Cement foam insulation board

The main raw materials of the cement foam insulation board are cement and fly ash, which are foamed by adding some ingredients to produce pores, thereby achieving the heat preservation effect. Cement foam insulation board has the following advantages:

1, good fire performance: through the improved formula green energy cement foam insulation board fire performance can reach A1 level.

2, long service life: can be the same life as the building.

3. Light weight: its weight is between 100-200kg/m3, which can effectively reduce the load of buildings;

4. Good sound insulation performance: The sound insulation performance of cement foam insulation board is 5-8 times that of ordinary cement, which fully solves the problem of sound insulation in living space;

5, high temperature resistance performance: the temperature of the cement foam insulation board can reach more than 400 ° C;

6, good environmental performance: non-toxic and harmless, and organic insulation materials and perlite particles and other chemical insulation materials will release toxic gases at high temperatures;

7. Construction speed is fast: 1000-3000 square meters can be constructed per shift, saving construction period. [1]

Expanded polystyrene board (eps board)

Expanded polystyrene board (eps board) full name polystyrene foam board, which is made of expandable polystyrene beads containing volatile liquid foaming agent, which is heated and formed in the mold after heating and pre-fabricated. A white solid with a pore structure. The benzene board is flammable and has good heat preservation effect, but it is easy to absorb water, which causes weight increase and deformation. Waterproof measures must be done in place. Otherwise, it will directly affect the service life and the fire performance is low. The construction process is complicated, and a grid is needed. Cloth, so the country generally stipulates that the external wall insulation does not use polystyrene board.

Extruded board (xps board)

Extruded polystyrene board (xps board) is a full-scale extruded polystyrene foam board. The material is injected with a polystyrene resin and a polymer while heating and mixing, and then extruded and continuously closed-cell foamed. Rigid foam board

Phenolic insulation board

The phenolic insulation board is made of phenolic foam, which is a new type of non-combustible, fireproof and low-smoke insulation material. It is a closed-cell rigid foam made of phenolic resin added with foaming agent, curing agent and other additives.

Rock wool board

The rock wool board is made of basalt and other natural ore as the main raw material, melted into fiber by high temperature, added with appropriate amount of binder, and solidified and processed.

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