The use of aerial ropes

People's hand-horizontal safety ropes are placed in special places at heights, such as suspended steel beams, frame-linked beams, etc. After the crane is in place, the construction personnel must walk on it to prevent the fall of the person's balance of gravity.

There are the following aspects in the setting and use requirements for the hand-held horizontal safety rope:

1. The horizontal safety ropes for hand-holding should adopt 6*37+1 steel cords with plastic sheaths, whose technical performance should meet the requirements of GB11 “Circular Strand Wire Rope”, and have product production license and product ex-factory certificate.

2. The two ends of the steel wire rope should be fixed on a firm and reliable frame, and the winding on the frame should not be less than 2 turns. When contacting with the corners of the frame, it should be cushioned.

3, the end of the wire rope fixed connection should use a rope card (also called wire rope clamp), rope card pressure plate should be at the end of the long wire rope, the number of rope card should be not less than 3, the rope spacing should not be less than the diameter of the wire rope 6 Times; safety chuck installed about 500 mm from the last chuck, the rope should be released after a safe corner and then clamped with the master rope.

4. The fixed height of the wire rope should be 1.1-1.4m; a fixed support point should be set for every 2m interval; the arc-sag should be 10-30mm after the wire rope is fixed.

5, walking horizontal safety rope only as a high work under special circumstances, for the height of the staff when walking the rope, is strictly prohibited for the use of the belt suspension point. Should always check whether the fixed end or the fixed point is loose, whether the steel wire rope has been damaged and corroded or broken.

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In perfect binding, adhesive alone is used to attach the pages of a book together and attach the book`s cover. 

If only one adhesive application is used to construct the book, it is called a [one-shot process." 

When two adhesive applications are required, it is a [two-shot process."

In the latter process, the first application of adhesive binds the bases of the book together. This adhesive is sometimes referred to as [primer" glue. 

The second application of adhesive is used to attach the book`s cover to the side of the book spine. This adhesive is referred to as the [cover" glue.  

Light Yellow Side Glue has good flexibility and strong can be used to attach the book's cover to the side of the book spine.

Good adhesion,weathering resistance and impact resistance.Light Yellow Side Glue /hot melt glue for bookbinding

Light Yellow Side Glue

Light Yellow Side Glue,Light Yellow Hot Melt Glue,Waterproof Glue,Stronger Glue

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