The Significance of CAE Study on Aluminum Extrusion Dies

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 Aluminum Profile Extrusion Die CAE technology is a numerical technique that uses the extrusion product model established in CAD, combines the extrusion process and control parameters, completes the analysis of its forming process and optimizes the design of the corresponding mold.

The specific approach is: based on the preliminary design of the extrusion die, according to a preliminarily prepared process test plan, using the computer to simulate the entire extrusion process, physical stress distributions such as stress, strain, temperature, and flow velocity in the extrusion body are obtained and squeezed. Pressure process conditions such as pressure, temperature, and speed are determined at each stage. The influence of mold sections such as the cross-section of the extrusion die and the diverter holes, weld cavities, diversion grooves, etc. on the flow of the formed aluminum is determined. The mold may appear during use. Deformation, collapse, chipping, cracking, wear, "sticking" and fatigue and other defects and their location; put forward analysis report and recommend suitable extrusion conditions to the designer, the designer then corrects the die design program according to CAE analysis results. After several iterations, until the mold design program meets product design requirements and product quality requirements [2]. This is actually the process of transferring the “trial-modification-testing” process at the production site to the computer to partially replace the time-consuming and costly test-work in the mold design and manufacturing process, thereby reducing the material and energy consumption at this stage. Reduce production costs and design high-quality aluminum extrusion dies.

Although CAE technology has obtained some successful applications in the field of aluminum extrusion die design and manufacturing, it is rarely applied to mold engineers. This is mainly due to the fact that CAE software has not been specifically developed for extrusion molding of aluminum profiles at home and abroad. Therefore, when mold engineers use some common or special CAE software (such as ANSYS/LSDYNA, MARC/AutoForge, Deform, etc.) to carry out mold design When analyzing the mold structure, in addition to requiring the user to have a solid extrusion process and extrusion mold design manufacturing expertise, and to be familiar with the working conditions of the extrusion mold components in the coupled field environment, he is also required to conduct numerical simulation techniques and The corresponding finite element analysis method must have a deeper understanding, which is more difficult for engineering and technical personnel working in the front line of production. This is one of the important reasons why CAE technology is not widely used in the extrusion die industry. .

The application of aluminum extrusion die CAE can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of the die, improve the quality of the die, and enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise. However, only by solving the above problems can CAE technology be widely used in the extrusion die industry. This is the significance of the aluminum extrusion die CAE technology research.

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