The plastic bottle packaging you know is just one of the production lines.

In recent years, the output of packaging products and packaging materials in the packaging industry has grown steadily, and new packaging materials, new processes, new technologies and new products have emerged. As the plastic bottle in the plastic material is often relatively strong, which makes the application of new technology in many packaging plastic bottles is much convenient in glass bottles.
Speaking of plastic bottle packaging, we are more concerned about the design and related problems of plastic bottle packaging. In fact, plastic bottles are just one part of the entire packaging line and must be matched with plastic machinery to complete more efficient product packaging. The production of a plastic bottle package is completed by first blowing through a blow molding machine. This involves whether the blow molding machine is efficient in the production of plastic bottles, whether the quality of the plastic bottles can be guaranteed, and the degree of automated production of the blow molding machines.
With the development of the domestic plastic bottle packaging market, the plastic bottle blowing machine industry has also developed rapidly, and gradually formed its own advantages in the manufacture of blowing equipment. It is widely used in the beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic and food industries, and has attracted more and more manufacturers to choose a blow molding machine to replace the previous bottle making tools.
Among many products, the multi-layer co-extrusion hollow blow molding machine is a very promising type of hollow blow molding machine. With the increasing proportion of multi-layer blown high barrier hollow products in the field of hollow products, multi-layer blow molded products not only develop rapidly in the food packaging industry, but also in chemicals as well as cosmetics and medical and other industries. Packaging has also grown rapidly.
In addition, the production of plastic bottles involves the design and use cycle of the mold; when the plastic bottles are produced, the filling will be involved in the assembly line. Whether the filling of plastic bottles can achieve perfect cooperation with the filling machine, the efficiency of filling, etc. are all very important points for the merchants.
As a forming tool, molds have a high level of design and manufacturing, which is directly related to the quality and replacement of products. In order to meet the needs of various shapes and designs of plastic bottles in today's market, the mold design team is required to translate the design concepts of various bottle types into reality; in order to make the mold life longer, in the manufacturing process, the selection of mold processing equipment It is vital.
In order to adapt to these plastic bottles of different shapes, the filling machine had to develop a so-called universal filling machine. Filling measurement from 0 - infinite, the equipment can adapt to all bottle types, which also reflects the combination of realistic productivity and theoretical technology. The development trend of filling machinery continuously improves the automation of single machines and improves the automation control level and production capacity of the entire packaging production line. In addition, plastic bottle recycling involves plastic machinery such as plastic bottle recycling machines and plastic bottle crushers.
The plastic bottle recycling industry is a matter of public participation. Plastic bottle intelligent recycling machine, through the existing Internet technology and model for recycling channel construction, reducing the recycling cost from the source, the flow direction and data can be traced throughout the process, also in line with the direction of renewable resource recycling development; plastic bottle crusher, is One of the necessary equipment for recycling and granulating waste plastic products can meet the environmental protection requirements for recycling of waste plastics at home and abroad.
Only plastic bottles can be integrated into the entire packaging machinery production line, or even the entire packaging process, such plastic bottle packaging will be more competitive in the future high-efficiency production market. Similarly, the sustainable development of the plastic bottle packaging industry also requires the joint advancement of related equipment and machinery industry.

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