The new house decoration acceptance must know the eight details

I. Detailed acceptance of the quality of new houses, including cracks in doors, windows and balconies.

[Acceptance skills]

Before the acceptance of the new house, due to the long time for the new house to be closed, there will be some dust and construction debris in the door and window track. Therefore, it is not possible to forcefully push and pull the doors and windows. When you feel a sense of obstruction, take a closer look and clear it with a broom. You can check it out.

Second, check the flatness of the wall, whether the water seepage, whether there is a crack.

[Acceptance skills]

In the acceptance of new houses, in particular, check whether there are water traces on some walls, especially some gables, kitchen tops, exterior walls, etc. If any, be sure to find out the reasons as soon as possible.

Third, carefully check the ground shell cracks.

[Acceptance skills]

If there is any empty drum in the acceptance of the new house, it must be instructed to accompany the property personnel to repair it as soon as possible, otherwise it will be easy to break through the floor during the renovation and hinder the relations between the neighbors. The above 2-3 items can be used to check the small tool and feeler gauge.

Fourth, the smooth flow of utilities and whether they can be used normally.

[Acceptance skills]

Open up the tap to check for leaks, try to make the flow bigger and anxious. Let's take a look at the water pressure and try the drainage speed. Use a multimeter to measure whether each strong or weak power is unblocked.

5. When the new house is accepted, close the gate and check whether each gate fully controls each branch line.

[Acceptance skills]

When the new house is accepted into the water, it is first used to hold the water in the basin, and then it is filled with water in various places. These are the basin water, the bathtub water, the toilet water, the kitchen and the sanitary and balcony floor drains, etc. Basically, each sink should be filled with two basins. Around the water, you should hear the noise and surface water.

Sixth, the acceptance of waterproof engineering

[Acceptance skills]

Acceptance of the new housing ground when the toilet water in the toilet, shallow on the line (about 2cm high). Then the owners downstairs check the ceiling of their home toilet after 24 hours.

7. Check whether the facilities and equipment indicated on the sales contract are missing, whether the brand and quantity are in compliance.

[Acceptance skills]

Usually, there should be no big problem in this area, but it is really necessary to verify it carefully.

8. Measure the height of the building.

[Acceptance skills]

With a 5 meter tape, you can sample the data source location and specific data. It is best to record the water meter, meter number, building height, toilet pit distance, bathtub length and width, shower room size, ceiling height in a small notebook. At the same time, the data and questions of some acceptance houses were written on the paper provided by the property company.

After checking the work at the end, if there are any problems, it is necessary to determine the solution and the date of settlement with the property person to see if the result of the settlement will affect the collection of the house. If it does, it will require negotiation.

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