The lower the price, the better? It's silly to believe.

Select decoration companies, I believe that most people will go to the basic price to choose, which is generally lower, which is more attractive temptation, then in fact, really is the lower the more affordable offer it? If you simply choose the decoration company according to this condition, then it will be enough for you to regret it. In fact, looking at the quotation is not just about looking at the total price, but also looking at other information!

First, review design and construction drawings

Before reviewing the decoration quotation, you should first review the design drawings. A complete, detailed and accurate house design drawing is the basis for the budget quotations, because the quotations are based on the specific area, length dimensions, materials used, and processes used in the drawings. The drawings are inaccurate and the budget is positive. Inaccurate.

Second, the quotation is not simply assessed at the total price

Owners may encounter this situation, a company quoted at a total price of 100,000 yuan, and B company's total price as long as 80,000 yuan, then it should not choose to ask for a lower price of B company? Not necessarily! The quotations provided by different companies may use different materials and construction techniques, and may even be due to Company A adding a construction project. Therefore, it is not possible to simply assess the merits of the decoration company based on the price of the quotation, but rather to make a careful comparison.

Third, look at the construction project against the design drawings

The decoration quotation is made according to the designer's drawings. The design drawing is the master plan of the house. After the design drawing comes out, it is possible to make a corresponding quotation. Therefore, when reviewing a decoration quotation, you first need to look at the design drawings. According to the design drawings, it can be clearly seen whether the items on the quotation sheet have additions or missed items. Check items must be careful, because some of the items that have been missed must be indispensable when they are on site. Therefore, overruns are inevitable.

Fourth, special items special offer

In the construction process of home improvement, it is inevitable that there will be some special construction conditions, or the decoration and decoration of the family put forward some special decoration requirements. The charges for these items are often not reflected on the quotations that have just started, but they are based on the actual situation at the time of construction on site. Therefore, the difference between quotations and actual expenditures is also relatively normal. Just to note that this gap needs to be controlled within a certain range and not too large.

Fifth, check the construction area of ​​the control drawings

In addition, the specific quantity and construction area of ​​each project in the decoration quotation must be checked against the drawings. The calculation of data on the decoration quotation should be consistent with that on the design drawings. If the area calculated according to the drawings is 60 square meters, and the quotation is 65 square meters, then such an error will often be a difference of thousands of yuan for some high-priced fitting-out projects.

Sixth, view quotation unit of measure

Note the unit of measure in the quote, which will directly affect the final quote. For example, to make TV cabinets, some companies use meters, and some use square meters, and the owners must pay attention to this time, because often the furniture calculated in square meters is multiplied by unit price in terms of the number of square meters regardless of how high the width is. Calculations, but the calculation of furniture with meters is highly limited.

Seventh, see the material and construction process description

The more detailed the better the decoration quotes, the more you can be sure. Because this aspect shows the seriousness of the decoration company, on the other hand, it is also convenient for the owner to understand clearly. In the quotation description section of a project, the decoration company should specify what brand of model and what kind of construction process to use. Materials and construction instructions should be detailed. It can be said that the most important and most concern in the quotation is not the price but the material and construction process used.

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