The important role of emergency rescue

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Emergency equipment and emergency rescue equipment are powerful weapons and important guarantees for emergency rescue. They play an extremely important role in emergency rescue work.
1 Reduce property loss
    Efficient emergency rescue equipment will control the accident as soon as possible to prevent the accident from worsening. While avoiding or reducing casualties, it will also effectively prevent property damage. If the leakage of inflammable and explosive pipelines and containers is successfully disposed and the accident of fire and explosion is avoided, not only can the personnel's casualties be avoided, but also the equipment and equipment will be protected from damage, which will result in significant property damage and avoid the To destroy the material basis for survival.
After some accidents, they will cause pollution to water sources and the atmosphere. For example, transporting dangerous chemicals such as toluene and benzene into rivers and causing leakage will directly cause pollution to water sources. If a vehicle that transports dangerous chemicals such as liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide leaks, it will directly pollute the atmosphere. If the emergency rescue is not timely, it will cause very serious and even inestimable consequences. Even if there is no casualty, direct and indirect handling and aftercare costs are often an astonishing number.

2 Maintain social stability
After some accidents, they often cause social panic in some areas and even cause social unrest. If a dangerous chemical transport vehicle turns into a river and leaks cause pollution to the water source, it will cause panic to the residents in the corresponding area, and serious ones will cause social unrest in local areas. For example, on November 13, 2005, a catastrophic explosion occurred in the nitrification unit of the aniline plant at the Shuangbang Factory of Jilin Petrochemical Company. Five of the six workers on duty were killed and one was missing. More than 60 people were injured in varying degrees. The explosion not only caused major casualties and economic losses, but also caused major water environmental pollution incidents in the Songhua River, causing adverse international influence. If advanced emergency rescue equipment can be deployed and a large number of fire-fighting waters are not used alone, large amounts of polluted water will be avoided and the impact on the society will be weakened to a considerable degree.
Advanced emergency rescue equipment can effectively improve the ability of emergency rescue, avoid or reduce the casualties and property losses of people, effectively protect the environment and social stability, and fully embody the idea of ​​cherishing life and scientific development. If the emergency rescue work is carried out in a comprehensive, scientific and standardized manner throughout the society, it will greatly reduce the casualties and economic losses caused by the accident and create a good external environment and reliable guarantee for the construction of a harmonious well-off society. This is difficult to value. The social benefits.
In summary, emergency rescue equipment plays a decisive role in the success or failure of emergency rescue. It must be highly valued in terms of equipment, use, and maintenance. It must be in place, maintained in place, and in place.

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