The existence of three-dimensional metal carbon at ambient temperature and pressure is theoretically confirmed

The existence of three-dimensional metal carbon at ambient temperature and pressure is theoretically confirmed

According to the report of the Physicist Organization Network on November 7 (Beijing time), an international research team has theoretically confirmed that there may be three-dimensional (3D) forms of carbon that are at atmospheric pressure and have metallic properties. The research results published this week in the online edition of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States will greatly advance the study of carbon science.

Carbon science is a research area that scientists are very concerned about. Carbon is not only the chemical basis of life, but also has rich chemical and physical properties. It is a target of interest to material scientists. Carbon can exist in a variety of structural forms, from graphite to diamond, to Buckminster Fullerene (buckyballs), carbon nanotubes, and graphene. However, it has always been a challenge for scientists to find a three-dimensional form of carbon that can stably exist at room temperature and pressure and that has metallic properties.

Researchers from Peking University, the Virginia Commonwealth University and the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have used the most advanced theoretical methods to prove that carbon can be manipulated to form a three-dimensional interlocking hexagon with metallic properties (see figure below). .

"The interlocking hexagons provide two unique properties - hexagonal arrangements produce metal properties, and interlocking forms with tetrahedral bonds ensure stability." Leader Pru ​​Jena, professor of physics at the School of Humanities and Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University. The correct combination of these attributes is expected to apply to various technologies in the future.

“Unlike high-pressure technology that requires pressure of 3 trillion Pascals to produce metal carbon, the structure under study is stable under normal temperature and pressure conditions and may be synthesized using benzene or polyacene molecules.” Another research lead Ren Wang, a professor at Beijing University and concurrently working at Virginia Commonwealth University, said.

"The new metal carbon structure may have important application prospects in the development of light metals suitable for space, catalytic applications, and negative differential resistance devices or superconducting devices," said Wang Qian.

Jena stated that their work is still in its early stages, but he hopes that these discoveries will promote related research from theory to experimentation. (Reporter Chen Dan)

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