The evolution of 4K video and its impact

At present, video technology has evolved from analog to HD 1080P, and from HD to Ultra HD (4K, 8K). In the process of evolution, information technology industry chains such as chips, display panels, video production, storage, network transmission, and terminal devices have been triggered. The upgrading of various links has driven the digital transformation of industries such as broadcast and television, culture and entertainment, education and medical care with video as the core. As a high-definition network transmission department, it has been further upgraded along with the development of the industry. Now major companies have launched 2K.4K transmission equipment.

The transmission rate that restricts the transmission is also solved due to the increase of the optical power of the optical module, such as the mainstream Gigabit and 10 Gigabit optical in the current market. The transmission rate has also reached 11.8G, which better solves the problem of 4K video transmission and realizes 4K HD playback and transmission on the market.

As far as the transmission link is concerned, 4K signals include SDI signals, DVI, HDMI signals, etc. No matter which kind of transmission, the bandwidth of optical transmission can reach more than 11.5Gbps.

In terms of customer experience, with 4K UHD experience as the leader, the 4K UHD video industry chain is driven to the global and high-end. "In this regard, we must accelerate the supply of 4K UHD, meet consumer demand, and stimulate innovation in the entire industry chain. Use China's huge market scale to build the competitiveness of the 4K UHD industry chain and participate in global market competition. Facing the future, it is necessary to strengthen basic research and innovation, so that the entire video industry chain can not only do well in 4K, but also better face the future of 8K, VR and holography.

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