The annual meeting of the “Research and Development of High-speed and High-efficiency Cutting Tools” project was held

Recently, the Project Management Office of China Machinery Industry Federation held the 2010 annual work meeting of the “Eleventh Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Program “Research and Development of High-speed and High-efficiency Cutting Tools” in Lanzhou City. Representatives attending the meeting included the heads of the 11 projects of the project, the financial supervisors and the relevant participating units totaling 56. The Deputy Secretary-General Li Dongru presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting listened to the progress of the research work of each subject and the report on the implementation of the funds. From the report of the 11 topics, except for the delays in the promotion and application of individual projects, most of the topics are progressing well. The meeting deployed the project acceptance work for each project and clarified the time for acceptance of each project. At the meeting, the project management office will, according to the relevant requirements and documents of the Ministry of Science and Technology on the acceptance and acceptance of the support plan, and the common problems found in the acceptance of other projects, focus on the preparation of the self-evaluation report, the financial acceptance report and the final financial The work of auditing and other aspects has been explained and case studies, laying the foundation for the acceptance of the project.

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