Taste is closely related to health and wellness

The taste of food can satisfy people's tastes, and science shows that the relationship between taste and health is also very close.

The sweetness of food, mainly from small molecules of carbohydrates, such as sucrose, maltose, glucose, fructose, to taste the sweetness of the newborn baby, he will reveal the color of pleasure, it is obvious that the taste of sweetness is an instinct. Because carbohydrates can quickly provide heat to the body in the body to maintain various physiological activities.

Adolescents with faster growth and development, athletes with high energy consumption, people who are hungry, eat sugar sweets properly, can quickly replenish energy and maintain vigorous energy.

Salty taste comes from salt. Sodium and chlorine in salt are all inorganic salts necessary for metabolism, especially sodium, and are also associated with muscle contraction. The lack of salt in the body can affect muscle activity, weakness and weakness. Although salty taste is the basis of food flavor, saltiness is not a physiological need, but is acquired. The daily demand for sodium in human body is only equivalent to 3 grams of salt, and our actual intake of salt is as high as 15 to 20 grams. The high-salt diet has been proven to be an important inducer of hypertension, changing taste and eating light. Is an important element of health.

The intermediates of the body's metabolism are mostly acidic. The likes of sourness are considered to be the signal of accelerated metabolism in the body. The sour taste of pregnant women is an example. The strong acidity of stomach acid helps digestion and absorption of protein and inorganic salts. It is often eaten with vinegar and fruits containing organic acids, which can increase appetite, help appetite, and digest.

The umami substances in food are mainly amino acids and nucleotides. They are found in protein foods. The umami taste is a signal for protein intake. The oriental diet is mainly plant food for a long time, and protein digestion is relatively small, so it likes fresh The taste indicates that it is desirable to consume more protein. People in Europe and the United States use animal food as the protagonist of the meal, so they are less concerned about the umami. Protein is the most important nutrient in the human body, and it is also important to maintain a certain amount of meat in the dietary structure.

The right amount of bitterness is combined with other tastes to form a unique flavor, such as beer, coffee, tea, bitter gourd, which is mostly loved by people. The bitterness can relax the nerves and clear the heart.

The hobby of food flavor is subjective and long-term eating habits. But it can also be changed through learning and experience. Do not eclipse, expand the hobby, and eclectic, it is beneficial to health.

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