Talking about the precautions for selecting hardware locks

There are many kinds of hardware lock materials on the market, the processing technology is diverse, and the specifications are not the same. Then how to choose the hardware lock on the door, Xiaobian compiled some hardware manuals, and detailed instructions on how to choose hardware locks.

A look at the lock material

The lock material on the market is basically divided into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. High-strength stainless steel, strong corrosion resistance, no discoloration, is the best lock material; copper is more versatile, mechanical properties are superior, and the price is higher; the lock high-quality zinc alloy is strong and wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to form. Mostly used for mid-range locks.

Second, look at the surface treatment of the lock

The surface treatment is roughly divided into electroplating, spraying and coloring. The locks form a dense protective film on the surface of the product through surface treatment, which acts as anti-corrosion and anti-rust, making the lock more beautiful and durable. The dense protective film is also a standard for measuring the quality of locks. The locks of good quality are mostly plated, the coating is fine and smooth, even and moderate, the color is bright, and there are no signs of bubbles, rust and oxidation.

Third, see the lock implementation standards

Foreign countries have very strict standards for hardware locks, so the quality of imported products is relatively high. We can feel the quality of the locks. Generally speaking, the heavy lock has a relatively high quality; the lock body can not be pointed, and the tip is easy to injure, especially the lock handle end, the lock tongue and the lock body are three positions; the lock spring is good. Flexible opening, high sensitivity and long service life. There are also many styles of locks, so be sure to keep in mind the style of the interior doors.

Tool Factory Customize Aluminium die cast LED Light Ring with Painting

 Product Description


Aluminum die casting parts 


 Aluminium die  casting Enclosure

Used Die cast Machine

(Depend on mould)

Die casting machine 120 ton -800 ton  


Main Processes Flow

(depends on part shape and requirement)

Drawing / or Samples â†’Mould making â†’Die casting â†’Deburring â†’Drilling and Tapping â†’CNC Machining â†’Polish→Surface treatment â†’Assembly â†’Quality inspection â†’ Packing â†’Shipping

Production Flow

Drawing/ or samples â†’ Mould making â†’Die casting and other processes â†’Get samples and send samples to customer for approval â†’ Mass Production ( casual inspection avoid unintentional situation) â†’ QC â†’ Packing â†’Shipping â†’Cycle to next order

Surface Treatment  (Optional by customer)

Polishing, Sandblasting, Painting, Powder coating, Galvanizing, Chrome plating

Anodizing , Real gold coating, Imitation gold,

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