Superhard Materials Association 2013 Annual Work Summary (Discussion Draft)

The 2014 year is the first year of implementing the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and comprehensively deepening reforms. It is an important year for the decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way. In the face of a relatively large downward pressure on the economy, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have persisted in striving for stability, coordinating steady growth,...
The year 2014 is the first year of implementing the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and comprehensively deepening reforms. It is an important year for the decisive phase of building a well-off society in an all-round way. In the face of a relatively large downward pressure on the economy, the Party Central Committee and the State Council persisted in striving for stability, coordinated growth, adjusted the structure, promoted reforms, maintained policy strength, innovatively controlled ideas and methods, and launched a series of innovative policy measures, the economy. Social development is stable and steady. The Superhard Materials Branch will keep up with the national situation. A lot of work has been done around the work points of the General Conference in 2013 and the work plan of this branch. A variety of activities have been carried out: the 6th Zhengzhou International Superhard Materials and Products Seminar was organized. 3 industry conferences; more than 10 editorial sessions; 1 group participation in international conferences; 1 group exhibition (CIMT2013); 1 stone exhibition; 1 training session, 3 domestic academic conferences; Times; edited and published 25 magazines and informative books, accounting for 4.88 million words; newly absorbed 8 members. Focusing on the basic requirements of "providing services, reflecting demands, and standardizing behaviors", we will strengthen basic work, explore work innovation, and improve our own construction. The summary report is as follows:

1 Work closely around the main points of the work of the General Conference and complete the tasks assigned by the General Conference

1.1 Communicate the spirit of the General Meeting in a timely manner and implement the guidelines of the General Conference

On March 25, 2012, the General Assembly held the first meeting of the Secretary-General in Beijing, requiring the clubs to do a good job in the club according to the nine key tasks of the association, combining the characteristics of each branch and each small industry. Once again, the club should continuously strengthen its own construction, serve members well and promote the development of the industry. Emphasizes the three functions and tasks of the association organized by the new historical period.

Our club will make full use of the four-time executive directors' expansion meeting held in Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province from April 15 to 18, 2013, and the website, website, and website to carry out vigorous publicity and timely convey the spirit of the general meeting.

1.2 Actively recommend to the government to solve industry problems

The club applied to the Beijing and Mentougou District Government for the proposal to retain the pyrophyllite mine, reported to the Chinese Academy of Engineering to Vice President Gan Yong and contacted several academicians to give advice to the relevant leaders. After three years, the branch completely solved the Mentougou pyrophyllite. The issue of mining rights has solved the problem of high quality raw material supply for the superhard materials industry for many years.

1.3 Actively participate in CIMT2012 and prepare for CCMT2013 exhibition, organize exhibitors to write testimonials

The exhibition is one of the main ways to show the development of technology in the industry, promote product sales, and do practical things for enterprises. It is also the main channel for the economic sources of the General Conference and one of the key points of the work of the General Conference. This club has always attached great importance to this activity. There are 22 exhibitors in CCMT2013 with an exhibition area of ​​264 square meters. The number and area of ​​exhibitors have reached a record high.

The CCMT2014 branch finalized 15 exhibiting companies with an exhibition area of ​​282.5 square meters. The number and area of ​​exhibitors reached a record high.

1.4 Actively organize enterprises to participate in the “Top Ten Enterprises” declaration of advanced members, and encourage the industry to produce more boutiques and famous brands.

Since the establishment of the “Top Ten Enterprises” appraisal work, our club has been actively participating every year. The member companies are famous on the list every year. This activity has greatly promoted the establishment of corporate brand awareness and efforts to build quality products. Our branch Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute won the title of “Top Ten Independent Enterprises” and Henan Fu Nike Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Top Ten Enterprises with Comprehensive Economic Benefits”.

1.5 Strengthen learning and exercise, improve service ability

Strengthening the construction of the club is one of the key tasks of our unremitting efforts. Perfect organization and high-quality staff are the basic guarantee for doing a good job in the association and giving full play to the role of the association. As always, we ask our staff to strengthen their study. They not only learn the national policies and regulations on industry development, but also learn industry expertise, especially new technologies and technologies for the manufacture of superhard materials and products. It is necessary to have a considerable theoretical level, but also to have a broad range of professional knowledge, to understand and master the development of the industry, to exercise and improve the level of organizational coordination in practical work, and to improve the ability to serve members. Through various activities planned by the club and various technical materials compiled by the organization, the staff's organizational coordination, text editing, advertising design, publishing and publishing capabilities have been greatly improved, and high-quality publications have improved the society of my club. Influence, cohesion and combat effectiveness.

1.6 Keep up with the development of the situation and adjust the membership structure in time

The speed of technological advancement and the changing market have led to the continuous rise and fall of enterprises, especially small ones. Enterprises that continue to develop and master high-tech, pay attention to the development of two markets at home and abroad continue to grow and develop, while those with backward technology, low added value of products, single market and weak development are constantly declining, some are difficult to survive, some are discontinued or Conversion. Some companies do not understand, support, or participate in the work of the association due to changes in leaders. The club should continuously strengthen the role of the propaganda association. With the changes in the company's situation, the team will continue to adjust the membership structure, replenish fresh blood in a timely manner, and constantly vomit the new ones to ensure the vitality of the club. In 2012, a total of 8 new member units were absorbed: Shengzhou Hehui Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., Machinery Industry Sixth Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Bojin Hard Tools Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Hailu Abrasives Co., Ltd., 柘Chengxian Huaxin Superhard Abrasives Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Bote Hard Materials Co., Ltd., Shandong Liaocheng Laixin Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., Changsha Xingda Abrasives Co., Ltd., timely adjusted and improved the membership structure, guaranteed The vitality of the club. There are also a number of companies actively requesting to join the association and are arranging for review and approval.

2 Conduct colorful club activities based on the characteristics of the industry

2.1 Preparing to hold the fourth meeting of the fourth executive director to guide the industry to become stronger and bigger

On April 15-18, 2013, the Superhard Materials Branch organized the 5th Executive Director (Enlarged) Conference at the Huangshan International Hotel in Anhui. The main topics are: 1. Communicate the spirit of the first meeting of the Secretary-General in 2013. Introduce the selection of “Top Ten Enterprises” in the 2012 General Conference; 2. Review the work summary of the 2012 branch; 3. Review the 2013 work plan of the club and the main work arrangements in the near future; 4. Special report.

The meeting was first greeted by Chairman Chen Huairong, the vice chairman of the association, Boss Tools Group Co., Ltd. He thanked everyone for taking the time to participate in the meeting and discuss the development of the industry. Secretary-General Li Zhihong gave a report on the first three issues of the meeting. It conveyed the spirit of the first meeting of the General Assembly and informed the Superhard Materials Branch that it was awarded the title of Advanced Branch. The summary and plan of the club were distributed to the delegates as meeting documents. The delegates were requested to review them carefully during the meeting period, and some opinions were promptly reported to the meeting group. At the meeting, the key work of 2012 was reported in graphic form. The important activities of the club introduced in the 2013 plan are “two sessions” and “two books”. The two sessions refer to the “sixth Zhengzhou International Superhard” to be held in November 2013. Seminar on Materials and Products (6th ZISC), assisting the “Second China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition” organized by the chairman of the unit at the same time; planning and publishing the international conference proceedings for the “two sessions” And the history of the industry of "China's super hard materials industry for 50 years".

After the introduction of the association's work, the delegates listened to the important speech of Minister Yu Bin of the Macroeconomic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council at the Seventh Executive Director (Enlarged) Meeting of the Sixth Session of the China Machine Tool Industry Association (play video): China's economic prospects With the 2013 outlook.

The Secretary General reported on the production and import and export of superhard materials in the industry in 2012. He used 15 statistical tables to illustrate the production of super-hard materials in 2012, the import and export of related products and the market share in major consumer countries.

Subsequently, Liu Mingyao, deputy director of the Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute and director of the China Abrasives Standardization Committee, gave a special report. He gave a special report on "How to declare the standard plan project" and "Exchange of experience in the application of major special projects" and shared valuable experience with you.

Finally, the deputy director of Zhengzhou New Material Industrial Park Management Committee, Li Xiangting, gave a report titled “To comprehensively reduce the comprehensive operating cost of enterprises and strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in science and technology”, and introduced the new material industry cluster in Zhengzhou City in Fuyang City. Relevant situation. It is pointed out that Fuyang has the unique advantage of developing superhard materials industry. Welcome everyone to invest in the industrial cluster area, and work hand in hand with the industry colleagues to work together for the dream of superhard materials.

2.2 Compilation of "China's Superhard Materials Industry Fifty Years", dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of synthetic diamonds

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of China's synthetic diamonds, some experts in the industry were consulted and decided by the meeting of the presidents of the association: to write a history of the development of China's superhard materials industry, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of China's synthetic diamonds. The history of development is divided into two parts, namely, "China's super hard materials industry for 50 years" and "Recalling the past and the years."

After the fourth meeting of the four executive directors, the preparatory meeting for the organization committee of the "China Superhard Materials Industry Fifty Years" was held, and then the organization committee was established, mainly by the directors, deputy directors, and editors of the Superhard Materials Association. The main sponsors, the contribution units of the history work, and some industry comrades. The organizing committee mainly organizes and determines relevant personnel to prepare development history, provide financial support and coordinate services for the preparation of development history.

The writing committee completed the first draft after eight months of hard work. Three review conferences were held in the fields of April 26-29, May 6-8, and May 17 respectively, and the review work was completed. All the contributions were completed on June 27-July 1. Work through the draft. During the entire writing period, there have been more than 10 times of editorial coordination meetings, review drafts, drafts, and net draft meetings, which took a lot of time and effort.

Subsequently, the Secretary-General of the Association cooperated with the publishing house for a period of several months of editing work, which was successfully published in November, and presented a gift for the 50th anniversary of China's synthetic diamonds.

2.3 Preparing to hold the 6th Zhengzhou International Superhard Materials and Products Seminar and organizing a group to participate in the 3rd Exhibition

The 6th Zhengzhou International Superhard Materials and Products Symposium and the 50th Anniversary of the Celebration of the Birth of China's Synthetic Diamonds is the grand ceremony of the Chinese diamond industry and the grand event of the world's peers; it is the highest specification, the richest content and the influence of the superhard materials industry. The most powerful and unprecedented event; it is the friendship conference of the world's peers; it is a conference that recalls the glorious history, looks forward to the glorious future full of hope, and promotes the world's superhard materials to flourish! It is the focus of my chapter's work in 2013. The conference was held in Zhengzhou Deyi Hotel and Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 13th to 17th, 2013. The venue of the conference is from the gate to the main venue, the Rainbow Gate and the four steam pillars. The whole conference area is full of joy and a festive atmosphere! The organizers of the conference are: China Machine Tool Industry Association Superhard Materials Branch, National Superhard Materials and Products Engineering Technology Research Center, China Materials Research Society Superhard Materials and Products Professional Committee, National Special Mineral Materials Engineering Technology Research Center, Industrial Diamond State Key Laboratory of Information Network and Superhard Materials; Supporting units of the conference include: American Industrial Diamond Association, Japan Industrial Diamond Association, German Precision Tool Grinding Industry Association, Taiwan Abrasive Processing Society; co-organizers: Henan Huanghe Cyclone Co., Ltd. , Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd., Guangdong Benlang New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd., Fujian Wanlong Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.; sponsors: Henan Fenike Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Changxing Technology Co., Ltd., Boshen Tools Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Xinya Composite Superhard Material Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xinjingang New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Haimingrun Industrial Co., Ltd., Xinlichi Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) ), Hanwanbang Laser Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd., Henan Sifangda Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., Shandong Changrun Diamond Co., Ltd., Machinery Industry Sixth Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Hebei Xiaobe Tools Group Co., Ltd. Company, Hubei Exin Diamond Materials Co., Ltd., Beijing Antai Steel Research Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., Henan Power New Materials Co., Ltd.; Organizers: China Machine Tool Industry Association Superhard Materials Branch, High-efficiency Precision Abrasives Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. In order to thank and promote these units for the development of the association and the contribution to the conference, large-scale inkjet advertisements were set up at the main venue and on the off-site square to publicize the Chinese and English essays, and the list of these units was printed on the page of the address book. Promotion!

The academic content of the seminar was of paramount importance, and the Secretariat had made great efforts and preparations in this regard. Since the second half of 2012, the collection of papers has been started, and various media have been used for extensive publicity, and special contributions have been made to key industry units and well-known experts. The Secretary-General's 8th German Grinding Technology (GrindTec) exhibition in the first half of 2012 and the 2012 special draft. The Secretary General conducted the 8th German Grinding Technology (GrindTec) exhibition in the first half of 2012 and the Japan International Machine Tool Show (JMTOF2012) in the first half of 2012 with the German Precision Tool Grinding Industry Association (FDPW) and the Japan Industrial Diamond Association. The forum was also widely publicized at the INTERTECH2013 International Conference in May 2013.

The book materials compiled by the Secretariat for the conference are: Chinese papers with 69 papers (810,000 words), English papers with 21 papers (320,000 words), industry yearbook (350,000 words), abrasives communication Magazine, Issue 10, 2013 (70,000 words), Diamond and Abrasives Engineering Journal, Issue 5, 2013 (200,000 words), plus "China's Superhard Materials Industry Fifty Years" (600,000 words) and "Review of the Past嵘 嵘 稠 ” (400,000 words), 7 books 2.75 million words.

The number of domestic conferences officially registered at this meeting was 488. Due to unregistered, it was not possible to arrange for more than 200 people to attend the conference hotel and Zhengzhou City without registration. The number of participants in the conference was estimated to be more than 700. As an industry conference, it should be the largest of its kind in various countries around the world. Most of the experts and professors involved in the superhard materials industry and people from all walks of life attended the meeting. Among the representatives are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professors in higher education institutions, doctoral tutors, postdoctoral fellows, doctors; directors, chief engineers, professor-level senior engineers and researchers of scientific research institutes; chiefs of various enterprises and engineering and technical personnel in the production line; There are also senior management and economic and trade personnel of various units.

There are 35 representatives from foreign countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan, from 11 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, among which there are three world-class universities. Diamond Company: Element Six Co., Ltd., DI Company and Korea Rijin Diamond Co., Ltd. There are also experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and businessmen in foreign guests.

On the morning of November 14, the meeting was officially opened at Deyi Hotel. The opening ceremony was hosted by Secretary General Li Zhihong of Superhard Materials Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association. Mr. Chen Huiren, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Machine Tool Industry Association, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zou Guangtian, Professor of the State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials of Jilin University, Dr. Zhu Feng, Chairman of the Superhard Materials Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association and Dr. Zhu Feng, General Manager of SINOMACH Seiko Co., Ltd. respectively made important speeches; Chairman of the Japan Industrial Diamond Association, Kawasaki Kazuo, Yellow River General Manager Liu Jianshe Co., Ltd., deputy secretary of the Fuyang Municipal Party Committee and commander of the New Materials Industry Cluster Region, Wang Xinting, delivered a speech and wished the conference a complete success.

Afterwards, a ceremony was held for 22 old experts who made outstanding contributions to the development of China's synthetic diamond industry. Subsequently, the awards were given to outstanding companies and international friendly collaborators working in the Superhard Materials Association.

After the opening ceremony, the seminar officially began, and 12 Chinese and foreign authors read the paper in English. Experts and business representatives from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, France and the United States brought their own technological achievements and introduced and promoted their research and products to China.

The biggest highlight of the paper presentation was the report by Secretary-General Li Zhihong, President of the Japan Industrial Diamond Association, Kawasaki Kazuo, and Taiwan’s Song Jianmin. In particular, the development of the Chinese and Japanese industries, there are a large number of specific data, is to understand the development of China and Japan's diamond industry is extremely valuable information, will have an important and far-reaching impact on the development of the industry. At the same time, foreign representatives also saw the strong development of the Chinese industry.

From November 15th to 16th, in the Dahe Hall of Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, 42 authors have published Chinese papers. The content covers grinding tools and applications such as superhard materials and accessories, mechanical and electronic grinding, non-metal processing tools and applications such as stone geology, bonding agent and tool carcass research and application, and special equipment and instruments. The seminar comprehensively and professionally summarizes the brilliant development achievements of China's superhard materials in the past 50 years, and shows the latest research results of experts, scholars, enterprises and frontline workers in China's superhard industry in their own areas of expertise from different aspects.

At the request of the chairman of the board of directors, Super Association spared no effort to participate in the 2nd Sanmao Exhibition. There were 277 exhibitors at the exhibition, with an exhibition area of ​​12,000 square meters, of which 60% of superhard materials and more than 20,000 visitors; The journal has 200,000 words. The simultaneous holding of the forum and the Sanming Exhibition has achieved satisfactory results that are mutually reinforcing and mutually reinforcing.

2.4 Continue to actively carry out international activities and strive to promote domestic and international technical exchanges and cooperation

In addition to normal communication and information exchange with the United States, Japan, India, and South Korea, the club's international activities carried out this year are as follows:

(1) Participated as a co-organizer to participate in the US INTERTECH 2013 International Diamond Symposium held in Baltimore from May 6th to 8th, 2013. 28 representatives from 11 members signed up to participate in 4 desktop fairs. After the visa issue, the actual number of people in the line was 10 and there were 3 exhibitors. During the meeting, members of the Super League delegation and the participants conducted extensive exchanges in technology, trade, and information, which not only enhanced friendship but also promoted multilateral cooperation. The booths of several Chinese companies have attracted the favor of many foreign importers and end users. This event has made positive contributions to promoting the exchange and cooperation between China's superhard materials and the world.

(2) During the second session of the Third Grinding Exhibition, a vice symposium was held with the Vice Chairman of the German Precision Grinding Industry Association. It was agreed that both parties should support the exhibition held by the other party in the future. As of December, we have organized 30 companies (including ordinary abrasives) to participate in the Grind Tec exhibition in Germany in 2014, including more than 10 super-hard materials companies.

2.5 Actively carry out industry professional skills appraisal work, and strive to cultivate high-skilled personnel with certificates

At the beginning of the year, the certificate of the 69 senior workers approved by Zhongnan Diamond Company was completed, and the appraisal plan for the year was established. The skill competition and skill appraisal of the abrasives were specifically targeted, and the teaching methods of the teachers were carried out. Strengthened and provided good training support for the skill identification of subordinate identification sites. Encourage all appraisal sites to carry out the combination of technical competition and skill appraisal, actively promote the position of employees in the company, and provide strong support for the development of the industry. At the beginning of December, 67 employees of Pingdingshan Yicheng New Materials Co., Ltd. were identified. Among them, 36 were junior workers and 31 were intermediate workers. After 5 days of theoretical training, the final theoretical examination was 66. It is expected that the actual examination will be conducted after the year, and the results will be reported to the center as soon as possible. Cooperate with the center, supervise and urge the six appraisal sites of the subordinates to complete the recertification of the appraisal license and the summary of the work at the end of the year and the declaration of the appraisal plan next year.

Actively promote mutual cooperation with local colleges and universities, complement each other's advantages, promote the extensive development of abrasive skill professional skills appraisal, and promote the advancement of manufacturing technology in the abrasives industry.

3. Strengthen statistical work, run industry yearbooks and various publications

In the magazine and regular publications, the Chinese version of the "Diamond and Abrasives Engineering" was completed in the first phase of the 1.2 million words, the English version of the first phase of 200,000 words, the "abrasives and abrasives communication" 12 issues of 800,000 words, "China Abrasives Industry Yearbook" The period is 350,000 words. "Diamond and Abrasives Engineering" was once again selected into China's core academic journal RCCSE, with a score of 15% of the 6448 journals, 11th in 92 mechanical engineering disciplines, and 3 more than the previous one. In addition to the specific publications of the above-mentioned sixth international conference, a total of 25,480,000 words were edited and published by the information room staff. Provide the industry with a wealth of technical, economic and trade information.

4. Strengthen the construction of branch Internet sites and improve the level of information services

"China Superhard Materials Network" is the portal of the club, the main public opinion position of the club, and the information platform for industry services. Over the years, it has continuously filled up the content of technology, products, standards, economic and trade information, etc., and its influence has been continuously expanded. It has become an important window for domestic and foreign people to understand China's super-hard materials industry, and has become one of the main channels for enterprises to communicate with the world. Relevant documents, meeting notices, and domestic and international news of the club activities were timely and online, and the multi-faceted information was quickly and widely transmitted. For the large-scale activities of the association, a special edition webpage will be organized to conduct special reports, which will not only facilitate the inspection of relevant industry personnel, but also serve as a paperless archive of the association. In 2013, the website attached importance to the market and entered the market into the enterprise. The website staff not only actively participated in the meetings of the industry associations, but also actively participated in related trade exhibitions such as hardware, machine tools, stone materials, abrasives and abrasives exhibitions, and expanded the influence of the website. Good results have been achieved. In 2013, the number of website views was 690,000, the number of IP was 100,000, the average visit was at least 7 minutes, and the duration was 44.9% higher than that of the previous year. The ranking in the world (alexa) was stable at the 54,000th. The ranking was 10% ahead of the previous year. In the whole year, 3270 pieces of information were released. With the development of network technology, in order to further enhance the popularity of the website, Sina Weibo was opened to improve the promotion and authority of the website. By the end of 2013, it had 3,901 fans and 3,250 microblogs. The English website was visited by 174 countries and regions in 2013, an increase of 26.3% over the previous year. All kinds of indicators have been greatly improved compared with the previous year. In 2013, Superhard Materials Network and the Information Technology Center of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Henan University of Technology reported to the Zhengzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and approved the super-hard materials industry public technology service platform project, with funds supporting more than 800,000 yuan, according to the workload of 4:3. : 3 support. After the completion of the project, the content of the website will be more abundant, and the service capacity for the government and enterprises will be stronger.

5 Conclusion

In 2013, under the leadership of the General Conference and the support of the general members, the club successfully completed the tasks assigned by the General Conference and the annual plan of the club. Focusing on adjusting the product structure of the industry and improving core competitiveness, specially invited foreign experts to give lectures in China, promote technological advancement in the industry, develop domestic and foreign markets for member companies, strengthen industry self-discipline, report on the economic operation of the industry, discuss the development direction of the industry, and guide the industry. We have done practical things in terms of healthy and sustainable development and cultivating high-skilled talents in the industry. We have won praises from our members, and have also improved the quality of our staff. We have been able to play the role of bridges and ties in the association and achieved It is a gratifying result, but due to the lack of manpower and insufficient funds, it is deeply unsatisfactory to fully serve the members. There are many things that need improvement and improvement in the work. I sincerely hope that the general meeting and the general members will give pointers to the work of the club. One floor.

This summary will be submitted to the Council for consideration.
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