Summer decoration is more serious indoor ventilation is the most important

With the gradual increase of temperature and the gradual increase of air humidity, the pollution of home decoration has also entered the "high incidence period" in summer. Due to the changes in summer weather, construction conditions and decoration materials, indoor air pollution in summer will be more serious than in other seasons. This is because some toxic and harmful gases in the decoration materials will increase their air release in the summer when the temperature is high and the humidity is high. Some environmental experts have found that when the indoor temperature is 30 °C, the indoor toxic and harmful gases release the highest. Experts from the China Indoor Decoration Association's “Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center” also confirmed that indoor air pollution testing in the summer will be about 20% higher than other seasons.

Rainy days in summer, decoration must master


1, choose the wooden material

You must choose a wood material with low water absorption and small deformation factor. For example, solid wood floors should be selected from products produced by large-scale manufacturers. Since the deformation of wood flooring itself is determined by the water absorption rate, the rebound rate of wood flooring is directly related to its baking technology. If you purchase laminate flooring, you must purchase a product with better water resistance.


2, appropriately extend the duration

On the one hand, some renovation procedures cannot be carried out on particularly wet and rainy days. For example, outside the rainy days, boards are purchased, moisture and moisture are attached to the materials, and it is difficult to dry them after entering the house; over the rainy days, the furniture surface will condense a layer of water vapor. Brush paint, otherwise it will wrap moisture in the paint film, causing the furniture surface to produce dirty and unclear bad effects.


3, try to deal with damp

With the improvement of living standards, the indoor climate can already be effectively controlled. Therefore, some drying equipment (such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers, infrared dryers) can be used in certain decoration processes. Of course, if the conditions do not allow, you can also take other measures to deal with moisture. For example, when the wooden door and window furniture is shaped (not yet painted), it can be flattened with a heavy object for about a week, so that the wooden structure is basically stable, which can reduce the possibility of future deformation.

In order to avoid being harmed during the "high incidence period" of summer decoration pollution, in addition to using non-toxic and less toxic decorative materials as far as possible, please complete the ventilation and air purification of the renovated room in addition to the formal home improvement company. When conditions permit, the room should be ventilated as much as possible; if there is no condition, indoor ventilation devices and air purification devices that can reduce indoor harmful gases can be used.

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