Summer baby mat purchase

There are many brands, types, styles and materials in the market. Only by selecting the right products can we create a healthy and safe living space for our baby. Let's let Xiaobian introduce you to the mats of several materials to help your baby create a comfortable and healthy summer sleep.

The most distressed child to be a parent, the summer is coming to look at the baby, the anger of the scorpion! I want to buy a small mat for the baby? Which kind of mat is the best for summer babies? The types of styles on the market are various, only selected The right product can create a healthy and safe living space for your baby. Let's let Xiaobian introduce you to the mat of several materials. I want to choose which one to believe you will know.

Which kind of mat is best for summer babies?

1, linen seats

Fitness: ★★★★★

Flax is a natural fiber with excellent breathability, moisture absorption and moisture wicking. At room temperature, the body's real temperature can be lowered by about 4 °C. It has the reputation of “natural plant air conditioner”, moderate cooling, medium price, and linen mat. It also has the advantages of good hygiene and strong antibacterial activity. It can inhibit the growth of fungi and microorganisms, and is very suitable for babies.

How to choose linen seats:

From the appearance, the genuine hemp fabric is slightly milky white, the gloss is soft, and the fabric grain is clear and dense, and the tensile strength is strong; the color of the defective product is slightly yellow, the gloss is too bright, and the grain is unclear.

From the feel of the hand, the genuine smooth and thick and crisp, with a heavy sense, slightly grip after the grip; the defective product feels somewhat soft, more folds after pinching, and difficult to recover.

From the point of view of the touch, the genuine hemp fabric sticks to the skin with a small irritating feeling; after the defective product, there will be a feeling of hairiness.

From the point of view of burning, take a linen yarn to burn, the original has a burning paper smell, and the ash is fine and white gray; the defective product has a pungent smell, and the burning matter is spherical.

2, bamboo fiber mat

Fitness: ★★★★

It is one of the most technologically advanced mats in the world. It uses all raw materials from 3 to 4 years old, bright and bright, strong and straight, and is steamed into bamboo pulp, extracted fiber, made into cotton, and finally spun into yarn. The yarn is woven into a mat and does not contain any chemical additives. It is a true environmental protection mat. Its texture is soft and soft, it doesn't have to worry about the baby being scratched, and it has good water absorption performance. It is the first of all kinds of fibers and has unique antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Cool and moderate, easy to wash, suitable for baby use. However, many bamboo fiber mats on the market are shoddy and the quality is not enough. Mothers need to pay attention to the selection of reliable brands.

3, straw mat

Fitness: ★★★

It is made of rush, bulrush and mala grass. It is soft in material, good in water absorption and moderate in cooling. It is suitable for baby.

However, some babies are allergic to grass mats. For the first time, you should observe the baby's skin reaction. Allergic babies should choose carefully, and it is best not to use them. In addition, the straw mat is prone to long mites, leading to mites dermatitis, so thoroughly clean and disinfect before and after use.

Selection method of straw mats:

Test: The size of the mat is strictly according to the size of the bed. It should be narrow and not wide. Otherwise, the mat will be easily damaged because it is too wide to expose the bed.

Look: See if the color is uniform, light green or bright yellow. Then level the surface to see if the weave is tight and even. If the weaving is not tight, the thickness is uneven, it is easy to expose the ribs and loose edges, causing breakage and damage, which affects the service life. See if there are black, mildew, wormholes, burrs or withered yellow grass, and some indicate that the mat is of poor quality.

Touch: Try to feel whether the surface feels smooth and the corners are neat and tidy.

Smell: Fresh materials, new products prepared in the same year have a natural fragrance, no special smell.

Tips: Those who are allergic to mites cannot use straw mats. They should use finely woven bamboo and linen mats.

4, bamboo mat

Fitness: ★★

Bamboo mats are not allergic. However, the bamboo mat is cool, the baby's nervous system is still immature, and the body temperature regulation ability is weak. It is best not to use it. If you must sleep on a bamboo mat, it is recommended to lay a layer of cotton sheets to prevent the baby from catching cold. Secondly, prevent the bamboo mat from stabbing and scratching the baby's delicate skin.

5, leather seats

Fitness: ★★

It is a high-grade mat with the longest service life and is best made from whole buffalo leather. Because the leather has good air permeability, its heat dissipation and moisture resistance are excellent, and the more it is used, the brighter it is. But the price is more expensive, and for a baby who is too small, the leather mat is still a bit cold, not suitable.

6, mahjong seats

Fitness: ★

The mahjong mat is actually a kind of bamboo mat. The bamboo block is cool and has a large hardness. There is a gap between the mahjong blocks, which is easy to damage the baby's skin, so it is not suitable for the baby.

special reminder:

Experts pointed out that children are more suitable for sleeping mats, rattan seats or linen seats. These mats are soft and cool, have minimal frictional damage to children's skin, and minimize the incidence of diarrhea in infants.

It should be noted that when the child is sick, it is not appropriate to sleep on the mat. At this time, the child's resistance is low, and it is easier to get cold in the abdomen and diarrhea. Cui Shuhua reminded that even if the child is not sick, when you sleep in the summer, you must pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen and shoulders, which can effectively reduce the incidence of diarrhea, colds and other diseases.

Which kind of mat is best for summer babies? Have you chosen the right mat through the above introduction? In addition, reminder, for the fatter children, sweating in summer, sweat immersion mat is easy to cause bacteria breeding, on the mat In addition to reducing diarrhea, it can effectively prevent skin inflammation.  

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