Study Guide: Circulating water vacuum pump operating procedures

Circulating water vacuum pump operating instructions How to use: Open the tank cover, into the clean cold water, the water level to slightly lower than the overflow spout. Turn on the power plug, turn on the start switch, the pump starts to work. Blocking the mouth with your fingers, the corresponding vacuum gauge can reach close to -0.1Mpa vacuum indicates that the pump is working properly. The machine has a one-way non-return valve check valve, for the sake of insurance should also take more effective measures to prevent the pump stop working, the pump water and sewage back into the container was pumped. Specific methods are: (1) cut off the pump between the vacuum pump and the container is drawn between the skin. (2) To stop working is about to be let out the vacuum inside the container. The ultimate vacuum of circulating water vacuum pumps is limited by the saturated vapor pressure of water. A long time operation, the water temperature will affect the degree of vacuum. At this point can be behind the device drain (lower mouth) and tap water connected. Drainage (catchy) Drainage. Proper control of the flow to keep the water temperature inside the tank does not rise, the degree of vacuum stability. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of water quality is the key to long-term stable operation of the equipment. Regular water change, water tank cleaning. Do not smoke dust and solid materials. Certain corrosive gases can lead to deterioration of water quality inside the tank, resulting in bubbles, affecting the degree of vacuum, it should be noted that the constant circulation of water. For special strong corrosive gas, it should be carefully judged whether the materials used in this equipment and reaction, and careful use. The degree of vacuum should not be the first to determine whether to be leaked container or skin graft loose touch. In the case of a pump, check whether the inlet or each air line is blocked or loosened. Circulating water vacuum pump motor does not turn, you should check the power or fuse.

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