Straw fertilization has a wonderful method

Prepare the crop straw, human waste, livestock manure and appropriate amount of horse manure and grain in the first month before fertilization.
The mixture pulverizes the prepared crop straw into a small section of about 3 cm, and then mixes the human, livestock and poultry manure and the crushed straw in a ratio of 3:7, and pours enough water.
The pile of rot is piled up in a pile of prepared horse manure or sputum, poured out with a hot person to make a warm heart (heating center), and then the mixed straw is layered on the warm heart made, piled up In a round pile, the stack height should not be less than 1.5 meters. Pay attention to management after stacking, prevent people and animals from walking, measure the stack temperature every day, control the stack temperature at about 60 °C, and the maximum can not exceed 70 °C. At this temperature, it is beneficial to microbial activity and can speed up the decomposition of straw. After 7 to 10 days of fermentation, the heap is inverted. I will pour it every 7 days, and I will pour it 3~4 times. After 30 days, I can ferment it. The fermented straw fertilizer has the characteristics of black, rotten and olfactory, and it is caught by a hand and released.
The application method and the quantity of farmland can be used as base fertilizer, and the manure can be applied or grasped, generally 1~1.5 tons per mu; the open field vegetable field is used as base fertilizer, 2~3 tons per acre; greenhouse and greenhouse can be applied in full layer or strip. Apply 3~5 tons per acre.

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