Stainless steel tank maintenance of several methods

Since the water temperature in the stainless steel water tank is almost always at a high temperature, the hydrocarbon radicals in the stainless steel water tank in Beijing are linked to calcium and magnesium ions to form water-insoluble calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, commonly known as water alkali. Adding such pure water to the tank has absolutely no effect on the scale composition of the tank.

1. Manual cleaning algorithm: The automobile tank needs to be dismantled, scales should be eliminated with an artificial hammer, scraper, spade, etc.; the effect of low scale removal and labor intensity is not easy to eliminate and clean, which can easily cause secondary damage to the tank.

2. Conventional scale cleaning agent: The tank needs to be dismantled, incomplete elimination, large odor, and strong erosion, which can easily cause aging of the tank and shorten its service life.

3. Professional car tank scale remover: It can be cleaned without disassembly, and it can also be cleaned under the premise of continuous car. The dedicated scale cleaning agent can be directly poured into the automotive water circulation system, allowing it to soak and rinse for 20-30 minutes. After that, the water tank and the system's internal scale remover are lost, and the water is frequently flushed and cleaned.

From the statistics of the stainless steel market, there have been fluctuations in the trading of stainless steel. In the case of stainless steel water tanks in Beijing last year, the price of stainless steel materials has been rising. But now there has been stagnation or even shrinking. This situation is in fact not in line with market rules.

Some consumers often ask when prices are inquired: How much is your stainless steel water tank a ton? Why is the factory so cheaper?

For customers who purchase stainless steel water tanks, they can buy products that run counter to the laws of the market. We can't correct them, but we are regular industry manufacturers. One thing we can say for sure is that there are potentials in low-priced sales. rule.

It now appears that in some areas of the production field, for their own products can be sold at a low price to attract consumers, quoted prices do not meet the market, the product is often not meet the requirements of the shoddy, resulting in a lot of stainless steel water tank Less than two or three years after the use, problems such as seepage, leakage, and open up, and some even exploded! This situation is terrible.

News often reported. For example, in a district of Qingdao, more than 300 tons of water tanks in a certain factory have been used up for less than one year after production. This has caused tension in the water for the people in the community, and there has been no water for a week. The relevant department called for repairs, but the answer was never negative. Some manufacturers even slipped in and closed directly

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