Solar concept

Solar Energy, generally refers to the radiant energy of sunlight. Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy. In the broad sense, solar energy is the source of many energy on the earth, such as wind energy, biomass energy, tidal energy, water potential energy, etc. . The basic methods of solar energy utilization can be divided into four categories: light-heat utilization, light-electricity utilization, light-chemical utilization, and light-bioutilization. Among the four types of solar energy utilization methods, the light-to-heat conversion technology is the most mature, with the largest number of products and relatively low cost.

Such as: solar water heaters, water heaters, dryers, solar cookers, solar greenhouses, solar houses, solar desalination devices, and solar heating and cooling. Solar thermal power generation has higher solar energy conversion efficiency than photovoltaic power generation, but its application is still not widespread. In the light-to-heat conversion, the current application range, the most mature technology, and the most economical is the application of solar water heaters.

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