Soberfiy smart lock five product advantages

Like smart phones, televisions, and watches, the emergence of smart locks is not a common phenomenon, but it is not that theft is common, but our lives are changing. Smart locks can't just be a simple accumulation of technology. They need technology, but they need more art.


Soberfied smart lock advantage:

1、Open the password

1) touch screen phone technology

Ultra-high sensitivity ensures response speed synchronization and output speed.

2)-10 is the password you choose

Full voice prompt settings.

3), virtual password input anti-peeping.

2, fingerprint open the door

Optical fingerprint sensor, fast and accurate recognition, using biometrics technology, fingerprint recognition through the static, fingerprint lines and cross-points, dry humidity, and vein blood flow rate. No matter whether it is a child, an old person, or a fuzzy dynamic fingerprint, it can achieve high-accuracy acquisition and comparison.

3, sensor IC card open the door

Convenient user management, worry-free EM4100 card (read-only video card) and its compatible cards.

4, emergency key opening

1) Stylish and beautiful: magnetic protective cover is decorative and concealed;

2) Super B-level lock cylinder - gives you a high level of security protection.

5, 3 security modes

1) Obedience

In the event of hostility, only designated alarms need to be added before the correct password or fingerprint, and the alarm information can be silently transmitted when the door is opened.

2) violence destruction

When the lock panel encounters violence, the lock immediately sounds an alarm and informs the householder and the security room at the first time.

2) Test password:

3) If you enter the wrong password three times in a row, the lock will automatically lock for 3 minutes. At the same time, the probe password will open the door and the alarm will be sent to the security room.

The Soberfiy smart lock was taken over by Zhejiang Jiebo Smart in late 2013. It has been adhering to the development philosophy based on the field of smart door locks and has continuously introduced the most advanced technology to meet people's needs for smart locks. demand.

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