Small bathroom how to decorate small bathroom decoration skills to share

Generally speaking, the size of a small apartment is not large, and the natural bathroom space will be relatively small. It serves as a space that is used very frequently in our home, not only to accommodate a large number of sanitary ware, but also to facilitate our use needs. For small-sized homeowners, they all want to make the bathroom smaller. How is the little bathroom renovated ? Today, Xiao Bian came to talk to you about how the small bathroom was renovated . By the way, we shared the decoration skills of the small bathroom. Let's learn about it together!

How to decorate a small bathroom a: mirror cabinet and cabinet

The bathroom furniture is not large in size, but the trivial things such as facial cleansers, toothbrush cups, and razors commonly used in the bathroom are cleverly hidden behind the mirrors, and other long-life washing and cleaning products can also be neatly stored. In the small cabinet below the basin. With the overall mirror design, you can stretch out a sense of space.

Tips for how to decorate a small bathroom II: cheap and affordable ceramic tiles

The wall decoration of the small bathroom does not need to be too stressful. The imported high-grade ceramic tiles cost a lot. In a small space, it is not easy to produce a strong aesthetic effect. It is better to use domestic ceramic tiles with tens of yuan per square meter.

Tips for How to Decorate a Small Bathroom III: A Small-sized Split Toilet

The most common toilets on the market are divided into whole and split. The overall toilet because the water tank and the toilet is a molding, the retirement rate is relatively high, the price is more expensive than the split toilet, and the floor space is also larger. Therefore, choosing a separate toilet in a small space saves both space and money. An absolute “thin-body” toilet that is 70 centimeters in length is ideal for small-sized toilets.

Tips on how to decorate a small bathroom : washbasin reject pedestal basin

Do not install a pedestal in a small bathroom, because the space below the column is almost impossible to use, unless wrapped in a custom-made bathroom cabinet, the two costs add up to buy a narrower stage basin, save the Money then purchased an oversized counter cabinet. Adding a few small cabinets or stands for storing loose items, plus soap pieces, towel bars and other hardware, will save you money and space-saving bathroom decoration.

Tips for How to Decorate a Small Bathroom : See Deep Bath

Bathtubs less than 1.5 meters in length, the depth is often deeper than the average bathtub, about 70 cm. This type of bathtub is easier to stand than an ordinary bathtub, and it does not affect the comfort of use. The smaller bathroom should have a small, deep bathtub.

Tips on how to decorate a small bathroom Sixth: Above the toilet to do cabinet

Above the water tank of the toilet is the "vacuum zone" in the ordinary bathroom renovation. In fact, without affecting the toilet, we can make use of this space as a wall cabinet, where sanitary paper, towels, detergents, and women can be placed. Hygiene products etc.

Tips on how to decorate a small bathroom 7: Upper basin installation shelf

Whether it is on the surface of a washbasin or on the counter of a bathroom cabinet, placing too many cleansing products will be disorganized and easy to knock over, so it is advisable to place a 10-cm-wide shelf on the wall of the upper part of the wash basin. Put makeup bottles, brushes, wash cups, etc. on it. The height of the shelf is not to impede the use of faucets. Materials may be wood, glass, etc.

Xiao Bian's words: The above is Xiaobian and everyone to explain the small bathroom how to decorate and small bathroom decoration skills related knowledge, and hope to give you some reference! For more small bathroom decoration or related content, please pay attention to this site, or visit this site offline direct experience.

Small bathroom decoration design

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