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SKF bearing precision selection method

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-11-21

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Selection criteria for SKF bearing accuracy:
1, audio, impression machine spindle (recorder, recorder), radar, parabolic antenna shaft, machine tool spindle, electronic computer, disk spindle, aluminum foil roll neck, multi-stage rolling mill support bearings usually use the accuracy level: P4; P5, P4 , P2, ABEC9; P5, P4, P2, ABEC9; P5; P4
2, high-speed rotation; supercharger; jet engine spindle, auxiliary machine; centrifugal separator; liquefied natural gas pump; turbomolecular pump spindle, bearing; machine tool spindle; tensioner is usually applicable to the accuracy level: P5, P4; P5, P4; P5, P4; P5; P5, P4; P5, P4, P2, ABEC9; P5, P4
3, demand conflicts and conflict changes are small; control the machine (synchronous motor, servo motor, gyro gimbal); metering appearance; machine tool spindle usually applicable accuracy levels are: P4, ABMA 7P; P5; P5, P4, P2, ABEC9
4, the usual accuracy: small motor, gear transmission, cam transmission, generator, low-sensitivity synchronous servo motor, pressure rotor, printer, copier, testing equipment, the accuracy level is usually: P0, P6
Usually, as long as the accuracy level of genuine SKF bearings can reach the demand; the attention should be paid to the appearance of symbolic residual products on the ortho-rail parts. Sometimes it is good; but due to poor manufacturing process; simple cracks, sand holes, slag inclusions, burrs or bumps The cylinder head is kneaded and deformed; it is easy to cause the seal to be ablated and ablated; it causes the appearance of oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage; the piston and piston ring work have a burr and simple pull cylinder. Together, it also pays attention to selecting the chamfer evenly. , rotating without noise products.
Adjustment is based on the specific needs of the operation; SKF bearing detection accuracy; together with accuracy and stability will depend on the associated pre-tightening force and lock method and method; to ensure the occupation of the hydraulic machine; because they use different precision requirements They are different; they have adopted different norms in their manufacturing operations. They produce different products in the same profession; the precision required can be different. Therefore; in the same professional operating conditions and Different levels are divided into corresponding digital precision targets. The factory produces; in the newspapers, the technical department tests the outline of the norms and the accuracy of the preliminary examination outline; because the authorities announce a guiding document; the items it supplies; the test methods and corresponding Data parameters; device and view adjustment and inspection specifications.
Usually includes the accuracy of the adjustment requirements of the SKF bearing installation process. If it is the unevenness of the hydraulic machine table; the activity table; the flatness in the table; the straight upper and lower beams; the master cylinder operation between the parallel tables Within the itinerary; with the straight table; the upper and lower limits of the touch rate of the nut cooperation surface in the joint of the connecting beam. The process and results of the SKF bearing precision adjustment and test; the signature of the full-time staff is agreed. The peers are included in the schedule. After the production process; in the process of the description of the professional workers and the process of demand adjustment during the mold production process. Eliminate the test structure and test operations to adjust.

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