Sintered diamond wheels are gradually eliminated by the market

Sintered metal bond grinding wheel is mostly made of bronze and other metals as a bonding agent. It is made by high-temperature sintering method. It has high bonding strength, good formability, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity and wear resistance, long service life and can withstand large load. Since the grinding wheel inevitably has shrinkage and deformation during the sintering process, the grinding wheel must be shaped before use, but the dressing of the grinding wheel is difficult. At present, the grinding wheel rolling method commonly used in production not only takes time and labor in dressing, but also the diamond particles fall off during the dressing process, the dressing wheel itself consumes a lot, and the shaping precision is low.

In recent years, scholars from various countries have carried out research work on the application of special processing methods to trim metal bond diamond grinding wheels, mainly including electrolytic dressing method, electric spark trimming method and composite trimming method. Electrolytic dressing method is fast, but the shaping precision is not high; the electric spark dressing method has high precision, can be shaped and sharpened, but the shaping speed is slow; the composite dressing method has electrolytic sparking composite trimming method and mechanical chemical compound trimming method. Etc., the dressing effect is better, but the system is more complicated, so the dressing problem of the sintered diamond wheel is still not well solved. In addition, because the manufacturing process of the grinding wheel determines that the surface topography is random, the geometry and distribution of each abrasive grain and the height of the cutting edge are inconsistent, so only a few high cutting edges are cut to the workpiece during grinding, limiting Further improvement in grinding quality and grinding efficiency.

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