Select toilets should pay attention to quality indicators

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In choosing toilets, most consumers tend to focus only on the appearance and ignore the most important technical indicators. The following are the relevant indicators that experts must remind consumers of:

Water seal national standards, the depth of the toilet seal is 0.5 meters. If the water seal is not qualified, the waste gas produced by the fermentation of organic waste in the waterway will escape, and it will be prone to environmental pollution, which will reduce the deodorant ability and be harmful to health.

Anti-siphon and anti-siphon are unqualified, and the water in the water tank is easy to reverse, causing water pollution. When water is stopped, the siphon phenomenon is more likely to occur due to the negative pressure in the water supply pipe.

The important indicator of flushing function flushing effect reflects toilet flushing ability. The item failed, indicating that there was a problem with the product's structural design.

The performance index of the dilution rate flush effect reflects the toilet replacement capacity of the toilet.

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