See how to buy smart door locks to ensure your home security

In today's society, "intelligence" has been confined to the human brain, and relevant researchers have begun to explore the intelligence of various machines and continue to penetrate into people's lives.
Doors and windows as the first safety line of home, with the increasing awareness of people's safety, from the 1980s and 1990s, security doors and wooden doors gradually emerged. With the continuous development of security technology, nowadays with the emergence of smart door and window products, intelligence The door lock will become the "first patron saint" of family security.

Smart locks are different mechanical door locks. Smart locks involve mechanical, electronic, and computer systems. It is recommended that there is insufficient purchasing experience or only cheap (these brands may have cheap door locks, but other accessories or card dispensers are expensive, and free shipping) The price of maintenance will be several thousand yuan. After purchasing the product for a period of time, the manufacturer may not be found, or the manufacturer who finds irresponsible quality problems believes that the user is not properly used, resulting in no maintenance or high price of accessories. The above phenomenon is even difficult for the court to judge. Even if the user wins the unqualified brand, the company may choose to evade the company name. If the brand is not standardized, it may not be worth the loss of a mature brand with good reputation. At present, there are many domestic smart lock brands, but there are The estimated production capacity is less than 10%. It is best to know the development, production and after-sales situation of the manufacturer. Is it a standardized enterprise and whether it has a quality management system?

Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points when purchasing smart door locks:

1. The appearance of the door lock is selected according to the user's hobby and decoration configuration. For example, the hotel recommendation is generally ideal for using a more elegant appearance.

2, using an empty hand or non-empty hand? According to years of use, no problem. It is recommended to use a non-empty rotary lock body. The non-empty rotary lock body is not affected by the deflection when the panel is installed.

3. Select the induction card door lock first to check its sensing sensitivity and then understand the static power consumption of the sensor door lock. Because the general sensor door locks are powered by dry batteries, it is important to understand the static power consumption of the sensor door locks. Some brand induction door locks are currently available. Four batteries can be used continuously for more than one year, and some brands change batteries in less than a month. Frequent battery changes can seriously affect the use.

4. When using the magnetic card door lock, you should know whether the door lock reader is self-developed by the manufacturer to read the card's own encryption algorithm, or use the universal magnetic card reader. If a card is written with a universal card reader, others can copy the card with a universal card reader and cannot achieve confidentiality. Keyu newly introduced ic card plus magnetic card door lock, guest card with magnetic card, administrator and maintenance information with ic card, magnetic card reader's card reader module own encryption algorithm.
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