Research on basic performance of explosion-proof electrical appliances

In the early 1980s, vacuum tubes were used in China. At present, explosion-proof electrical equipment type vacuum switches have been widely used underground. The use of vacuum tubes plays a very important role in coal mines and downhole safety power supply. For example, the mine explosion-proof vacuum electromagnetic starter products have strong limit breaking capacity and are suitable for frequent start-up of mine motor and low maintenance. The explosion-proof vacuum feeder switch has a small breaking time and cooperates with fast leakage protection to improve the safety against electric shock and gas explosion.

The demand for vacuum contactors and vacuum circuit breakers is very large. However, the quality of vacuum tubes on the market is uneven. Many production processes still stay on the basis of the early 1980s, and they are still relatively large compared with foreign technologies. gap. In the application of vacuum tubes, there is also the problem of operating overvoltage, and the problem of vacuum degree assurance. The decrease of vacuum degree makes it easy to cause leakage accidents in the downhole, which will affect production and cause accidents. Some companies have also begun to devote themselves to the research of vacuum tube electrical equipment, and The research on gas leakage protection has made progress in gas leakage protection and vacuum tube adhesion protection, which provides guarantee for the future safe operation of explosion-proof electrical appliances.

With the continuous development of electronic technology, the use of power electronic devices instead of vacuum tubes to achieve the start and stop of the motor control, will be the direction of development, has been used in the comprehensive control of coal-fired drills, such as SCR non-contact shut down Control, increase the service life, safe and reliable. The use of high-power thyristors on starters also changes the performance of conventional starters. The use of power electronic devices for the performance and reliability of explosion-proof electrical products can give new vitality, but also bring new issues for explosion-proof electrical products and safety technology requirements.

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