Rescue Tool Equipment (Disassemble Equipment) Function and Classification

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First of all, it is one of the fire-fighting equipment . It has what kind of functions and classifications.

Hydraulic rescue tools: hydraulic cutting pliers, hydraulic expanders, hydraulic jacks and so on. It mainly converts high-pressure energy into mechanical energy for demolition and lifting.

Advantages: high energy, fast work efficiency. Disadvantages: heavy equipment, unstable quality.

Pneumatic tools: pneumatic cutters, pneumatic rakes, air cushions, etc. Rely on high pressure air to switch mechanical energy to work.

Advantages: Small equipment. Disadvantages: The function is freshman. Recyclable tools: There are destroy guns, double-powered door stoppers, bullet clamps, etc.

The high-pressure gas generated by the ammunition explosion is used as a power source.

Advantages: The equipment is small, efficient, and powerful. Disadvantages: Single function. Other rescue tools: gas cutting, no spark tools. Work with other power sources. Suitable for special rescue sites.

Manual rescue tools: axe hammer, door knocker, fire lumbar ax, pickaxe, hammer, knife, ax and so on. The rescue work is mainly done by the operator's own strength.

Advantages: Does not require any energy, suitable for emergency rescue; shortcomings: It is small and slow.

Electric rescue tools: saws, drills, welders, etc. Convert electric energy into mechanical energy to achieve the purpose of cutting, drilling, and removing obstacles.

Advantages: Fast work efficiency; Disadvantages: There is no power available during a power outage in a disaster or field operations.

Motorized rescue tools: There are power saws, mobile pickaxes, forklifts, excavators and so on. The main use of fuel as a power conversion mechanical energy to implement the demolition repair.

Advantages: Fast work, free from power. Disadvantages: The device is large and not portable.

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