Qi Baofang: China is a big country in the photovoltaic industry rather than a big country

At 8 o'clock tonight, the Information Center of the Fourth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress launched a web interview on the theme of "Accelerating the Development of New Energy." The four delegates attending the Fourth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress conducted online exchanges with netizens in conjunction with listening to and reviewing the relevant situation of the government work report. NPC deputy, vice chairman of the Ningjin County Political Consultative Conference in Hebei Province, chairman and general manager of Jinglong Industrial Group, said that large scale and low cost are important factors for China to become a major manufacturing country in the photovoltaic industry. After hard work, China will also be at the forefront of the world in the use of solar energy. Enter the live broadcast page China Economic Net users ask: China's solar photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly, has become the world's largest manufacturing country, what is the core competitiveness of China's solar industry? What difficulties will China's solar industry face in its development? What other suggestions do you have for the development of solar energy in the civilian sector? Yan Baofang said that our national PV industry has become the world's first manufacturing power, but we are not using big countries. Why become the world's largest PV industry manufacturing country? There are two key factors: First, scale advantage. There are five or six factories in our country with a scale of more than one megawatt, and dozens of them over 500 megawatts, which is not available in other countries. Second, cheap manufacturing advantages. Among the similar products, our country's solar photovoltaic products are the world's lowest manufacturing cost. As we all know, a product is invincible in the competition, in fact, there are three elements: First, quality. Must have a good quality. Second, the price is right. In the same kind of products, the price has an advantage. The third is service. In fact, by grasping these three competitive factors, you can have a place in the world and have a leading edge. Qi Baofang said, why is our country's photovoltaic industry ahead of the world? I think we have the competitive advantage of these three elements. Why is our country a big country rather than a big country? There are many problems here. I feel that the biggest problem is that our country's policies are not matched and the market is not standardized. This is the biggest difficulty that restricts the development of our country's PV industry. Qi Baofang said that the development of solar energy in civil buildings is a very good idea. Our country is a policy support, driven by policies, policy subsidies are in place, and good countries have policy subsidies. To promote this industry, new energy, photovoltaic industry, government promotion is the most important factor. If our country's policies are in place, I believe that we will build some "roof power stations" in civil buildings, and we will surely have a large number of "roof power stations" in our country. The roof power station can be used by itself, and the extra electricity can be used online. I believe this is the best reality in the country's popular PV industry. After several years of hard work, our country will be at the forefront of the world in the use of solar energy and in the use of the photovoltaic industry.

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