Protected soil disinfection technology

In the production of protected areas, especially some specialized production bases, many years of continuous planting, it is difficult to rotate, often causing the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria and eggs in the soil and greenhouse. Some soil-borne diseases and insect pests occur year after year, and the condition is getting heavier. Consumers' pursuit of pollution-free products also puts higher demands on chemical control. Therefore, we must rely more on comprehensive agricultural measures to achieve control of pests and diseases in protected areas. The soil disinfection technology of the protected area to be introduced below is an effective comprehensive method.

The disinfection of soil in protected areas is mainly to use the natural high temperature in summer to kill soil pathogens and pest eggs. Generally, it is carried out by using the space between the winter and spring rafts of the protected area, and should be operated one month before the seedling cultivation or planting.

î—¥ î—¥ 1, clean sheds after the end of the winter and spring, all plant residues are cleared out of the greenhouse, greenhouses, buried or burned, not stacked near the shed or roadside, so as not to pass the insects into the shed again.

î—¥ î—¥ 2, the purpose of the whole shed irrigation is to use the water conduction effect, the heat of the soil surface layer to the deep layer, in order to achieve the purpose of warming the whole plough layer.

î—¥ î—¥ 3, soil deep turn and chemical treatment in the soil when the moisture is suitable for deep turning, the depth of about 30 cm or more, and the large clods beat and shred. With the treatment of the drug, the effect is better. The fungicide can be selected from 50% carbendazim wettable powder 1~2 kg/mu, or 50% Fumei double wettable powder 1.5 kg/mu, or 40% pentachloronitrobenzene powder 0.6~1 kg/mu. The insecticide can be selected from 5% phoxim granules of 1.5 kg/mu. For the plot of nematode damage, you can also use aldicarb 15% granules 1.0~1.3 kg/mu. Spread the medicinal agent on the surface and pour it into the soil in time. Organic fertilizer can also be turned into the soil together. It should be noted that do not apply volatile fertilizers such as urea or ammonium bicarbonate at the same time.

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î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ î—¥ high temperature treatment for about 1 month, you can kill a large number of pathogens and eggs in the soil, to reduce the occurrence of soil-borne pests and diseases in the next season. During the operation, it is often the case that the soil is not deeply turned over, and only the shed film is not covered with the mulch film, and the high temperature treatment time is too short for only 5 to 7 days to wait for the problem. This makes it difficult to achieve the purpose of soil disinfection. Need to pay attention to prevention in practice.
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