Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology found new PM2.5 filter material

Professor Wang Bo and his team at Beijing Institute of Technology have applied metal-organic framework (MOFs) materials to air filtration, purification, and treatment, and they have recently been reported by the international academic journal Nature. On February 1, Nature reported the results of the research on the application of metal-organic frameworks in the field of air filtration, and pointed out the application of metal-organic framework films that can be mass-produced on air filtration. Can effectively filter PM2.5, clean air.

Wang Bo said that the metal-organic framework material is a kind of porous crystalline material, which is composed of organic monomers and metal ions. It can achieve large quantities of fine particles and volatile organic compounds (VOC) through surface-controlled electrostatic charges and basic functional groups. The capture and efficient degradation. They have synthesized a variety of metal-organic framework nanocrystalline compounds, and have grown on textiles, foams, plastic materials, stencils and other different substrate surfaces, achieving industrial-scale double-sided roll-to-roll production.

According to reports, this material is currently the world's most known type of material that has the highest adsorption capacity (specific surface area), and its specific surface area is up to 8,000 square meters per gram, which is more than 10 times that of activated carbon and molecular sieves. This material, under visible light irradiation, achieves solar catalysis and decomposes harmful organic matter into carbon dioxide and water. In turn, the filtration efficiency is continuously maintained, long-acting, no secondary pollution, and the filtration rate exceeds 99%.

After testing, air filtration results at room temperature show that this material can effectively reduce the PM2.5 and PM10 contaminants in the air by 99.5%. Only at 200 degrees Celsius will there be less efficiency loss. In addition, the potential applications of this material in filtration include grey bags for household vacuum cleaners, automotive exhaust pipe installations, and filtration of industrial ultra-fine particles and large-scale VOC degradation.

It is reported that the team's next step will be to further promote technological transformation and industrialization, and be applied to industrial waste gas treatment, air purifiers, screens, and other fields.

Wang Xun, director of the Department of Chemistry of Tsinghua University and a distinguished professor of Changjiang University, believes that this combination of basic research and applied research by Wang Bo's team is of great significance for controlling haze and purifying air, and has broad application prospects.

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